Thursday , January 21 2021

Huang Qiusheng “Immigrated to Taiwan for a month and a half” asks KID to entertain the hotel-Taiwan Apple Daily

  1. Huang Qiusheng, “Immigrated to Taiwan for a month and a half,” asked KID to entertain the hotelTaiwan Apple Daily
  2. Huang Qiusheng “Immigrated to Taiwan for 1 and a half months” partner KID Song Baiwei recorded the reality showNTDAPTV
  3. Huang Qiusheng drives a dining car around the island to make friends and talks about naturalizing to buy a house in Taiwan and smiles bitterly “for no money.”Yahoo News
  4. Huang Qiusheng isolates Guan Kuang’s sister! Join KID to realize his dreamChina Times News
  5. The first meeting Huang Qiusheng “1 hour embarrassed” KID opened in 2 minutesETtoday Starlight Cloud
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