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“Health Network” 4 points to protect against cauliflower doctors: Both men and women should get HPV vaccine-Unannounced Health Network

Cauliflower is not 100% caused by sexual behavior and can be contacted through objects. Picture shows a situational photo. (Image taken from Unsplash)

[Sağlık Kanalı/Kapsamlı Rapor]The most known STD is cauliflower. To increase people’s understanding of cauliflower, doctors list the causes, symptoms, treatment and prevention methods of cauliflower, and urge the public to take preventive measures.

Gu Fangyu, doctor of Taipei Medical University Hospital Department of Urology, on his Facebook fan page “Mr. Bird Science-Dr. contagious disease caused by human papillomavirus (HPV) infection. , It can be produced individually or in groups on any skin or mucous membrane of the human body. Appearance is white or dark brown cauliflower-like objects scattered in the mouth, a block distribution in the genitals, urethra, bladder and other places. The route of infection is sexual behavior or object contact, such as: mouse, towel.

Gu Fangyu explained that getting HPV does not necessarily lead to cauliflower growth. The HPV family of viruses is quite large, with about 170 species. Different types of viruses can cause different diseases. HPV6 and 11 can cause cauliflower; HPV1, 2, 4 can cause flat warts. HPV16 and 18 can cause cervical cancer. Gu Fangyu also listed “pearl papules”, which are often confused with cauliflower. The distribution, appearance, cause of disease and mode of transmission of the two are different.

Pearl pimples are very different from cauliflower. (Photo taken from Facebook page of Mr. Bird Science-Dr. Gu Fangyu of the Department of Urology)

There are currently four treatments for cauliflower: electric heating, freezing, spraying, and circumcision. The principle of treatment is “uprooting the vegetable.” Consider circumcision if the cauliflower grows on the tip of the foreskin. Gu Fangyu said that cauliflower is not terrible, but what is terrible is done on purpose, so when recognizing cauliflower, preventive measures should be taken precisely.

4 points to avoid cauliflower

●Self-discipline in sexual life, maintaining a single sexual partner.

●For the HPV vaccine to be administered, both men and women should be vaccinated.

●Wash your hands properly after going to the toilet.


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