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Chen Qinan Forbidden City explains that renovations are not closed – Zhongshi News


The picture shows that there are still many tourists from the Forbidden City during the holiday period. (Photo by Ji Zhixiang)

In response to the question of legislators, the Taipei National Palace Museum will be closed for three years due to completion of the construction, and the staff of the school, Chen Qinan, made an urgent statement in the 13th century. The answer to the legislative question can only be answered in an easy way. However, closing is only a possibility, but it is currently based on the last year's Executive Yuan. The approved "New Palace Museum" version will be operated in the future and will not be closed during the renewal period.

Chen Qinan, "If you don't close or close the library, the answer is still evaluated and not completed yesterday. Closing the main building is not the only option." Said. The internal meeting for the renewal of the North Campus has been gathered continuously, and the content of each debate is different, the legislator Ke Zhien is just one of the discussions. He said that there are many opportunities for the implementation of the plan, and that the final decision requires careful co-ordination and planning, and ultimately it must be approved by the Executive Yuan. "The dean of the Forbidden City is a final decision based on cultural thought."

According to the "New Palace Museum" approved by Executive Yuan last year, Chen Qinan did not mention that the National Palace Museum should be closed during the renovation of the Imperial Palace. an option or probability. The assessment compares it as "somehow similar to the preparations of aid", but it will still be decided by the government. As for the replacement of the official document in the 12th century, Huang Yongtai, deputy director of the palace, said that the National Palace Museum ended in the BOT case. After the contract, the land area has changed from 20 hectares to 70 hectares and the area needs to be re-planned.

For the transfer of important cultural remains from the North Campus to the South Campus, the Forbidden City has said that this project has nothing to do with the construction of the North Campus. will continue to borrow from abroad. Chen Qinan said that while the Southern Court "curated the assistance of the North Campus, the spatial orientation was separate."

Chen Qinan said the North Campus's renewal and expansion project was "harder than imagined". At present, there are many problems in building the building structure, air conditioning and exhibition area in the North Campus, including the main building and the library of books and libraries. It needs to be overcome.

The National Palace Museum was established in Beijing in 1925 and the 10025 anniversary will come soon: the new Forbidden City project has the urgency. The Forbidden City will be completed in the next century and the Forbidden City will be completed. # 39; s hoping to match the current reception. More than 10 thousand people enter the library, but unlike the Forbidden City, there are more people than the vegetable market as the quality and standard of the world's top 10 museums.

Looking at the fact that the closure of the museum has caused a great sadness, Chen Qinan said that tü every movement that the community makes to the Forbidden City or concern about Taiwan's cultural initiatives is a good phenomenon Müz. The new National Palace Museum will take into account its impact on the industry and will listen in all parts of life. Opinions are taken seriously.

(Chinese Times)

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