Wednesday , September 28 2022

Acknowledging that his girlfriend pulled her hair and struck a heavy object to her death, the prosecutor called the 76 Xingzhe general summons to Chen Xiujiang-udn!


  1. He admitted that he pulled his girlfriend’s hair and killed him by hitting a heavy object.udn OOPS! What’s new
  2. Private | “76 Walker” Chen Xiu will be involved in the murder of his 22-year-old girlfriend, and Morite will be shot in the head!Death with bruises all over | Apple News | Daily AppleTaiwan Apple Daily
  3. News / “76 Walker” Chen Xiu will be arrested! Police confirm body of 22-year-old girlfriend is MortieETtoday News Cloud
  4. 76 Xingzhe beauty repair team summoned to kill his girlfriend Changhua, arrested on the spot todayudn OOPS! What’s new
  5. He is suspected of killing his girlfriend! “76 Walker” Chen Xiu to be arrested|China TV News 20211015China TV News CH52
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