Thursday , September 29 2022

400-word apology, distressed inflammations Aaron told this secret to the world … – Zhongshi News


Red male star Yan Aaron was stunned by the weekly magazine when he was shocked by the magazine once a week, and he slammed into the kiss and kissed the intimate photos, causing heated controversy. Initially, the brokerage firm issued a statement denying the incident. Then Yan Aaron issued an apology of about 400 words apologizing that there was a flaw in emotional treatment. . I'd give people real feelings, but in the end, I didn't take care of him properly. It's unexpected that I turned something into this. I'm so sorry for the people I'm wounded with. Meli This statement stated that his friends and networks were very sad. Ağ This statement should be accepted by the public. The world has a secret. "In addition to the pain of Aaron, this is just a nuisance.

. It's hard to have a lot of secrets in life, but you don't want to be a secret. You may also want to tell the world this secret, but some secrets cannot be said because the world is never ready. Good to meet your secrets. "

Chen Hao, who broadcast live last night, said it was hard to imagine how hostile the world was. He saw the news especially about the following message. The following message is very hostile to the identity of "comrades" "I just want to say that every day. They say everyone will be brave to everyone. How courageous? Today, one is suspected of going out of the cabinet or out of the cabinet. Which of the following messages is yours?"

Chen Hao said that he would replace him today, and that he would open up to the cabinet and open his sexual orientation to the world. Therefore, if a friend tells him that he wants him to come out, he is absolutely opposed, because he feels that the world is not yet ready and that he cannot take the pain and life after leaving the cabin.

(Chinese Times)

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