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Without chewing gum: AIDS campaign increases fears – Switzerland: Standard


No longer need protection when engaging with HIV-positive people: this is the basic message of the final campaign. Aids-Hilfe Switzerland, The campaign will start on December 1 with posters and screens at train stations and postal tickets. Yesterday's report of the Swiss Radio SRF – triggering anxious demands: Has AIDS disease decreased? "Must be at least with tires" suddenly old?

Carla Schuler, head of the Aids-Hilfe Social Services Department in Basel, explains the support of Aids-Hilfe Schweiz: A decade ago, Schuler expresses the statements made by the Federal Commission for Federal AIDS and the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH). "Still, HIV-positive people are still stigmatized and discriminated today."

However, Schuler says: ğı Our caution says that still condom shooters are necessary. Söyl Condoms are essential when dealing with sexual partners that are atif unknown or nobody is aware of Bun. For Schuler, it is clear: "All other protective behaviors should be discussed with the sexual partner. And then both agree with the next procedure."

How's the pill?

These are clear words. But do they really get along with the audience? Professionals are skeptical. Immunity expert Beda Stadler is a well-intentioned campaign for the public and does not affect the public. The expression "successful therapy" makes sense for the patient, but he could not imagine it according to a professor, a retired professor. "One shows that Aidstherapie is now understood as a pill and that it has undermined other campaigns."

The new campaign will focus on the affected. Photo: PD

Only professionals are not critical. Among health policy makers, most of the reactions are negative. The campaign is the most popular in the left wing circles. . It is important to note the importance of stigmatizing people affected by HIV, Y says Yvonne Feri. The SP National Council successfully adds the new action to the classic AIDS-prevention campaign Love Life, which continues in parallel.

No help for AIDS patients

However, there are some reservations even in the SP. Like Barbara Gysi, Yvonne Feri, the National Mayor believes that the campaign is basically "important and good". However, if it is not addressed in the context of the ongoing love-life campaign, it can lead to "carelessness."

On the contrary, the bourgeois parliamentarians are applying sharp criticism. "The intentions behind the new campaign are honest, but there are a lot of potential for awareness and confusion," says BDP National Councilor Lorenz Hess. Different messages of this kind would not be communicated through mass communication campaigns. Hess reminds us of the time when the first anti-AIDS therapies emerged:. This enabled the awareness of the danger to become less risky. Iğ State Health Commission President Joachim Eder explains the war. Against social exclusion of HIV-positive persons, Prevention was done and remained for him, but in principle more urgent, FDP State Council. "Fully open, it can quickly become insignificant."


Verena Herzog, the SVP National Councilor, describes the campaign as "irresponsible", as it blocks the disease and destroys the previous classic anti-AIDS campaign. "The new campaign," says Herzog, "doesn't help a single AIDS patient who's hunting." The SVP politician points to another topic: AIDS Therapies, which are quite successful nowadays, have caused high costs, "of course, they pass on to citizens through higher health insurance premiums".

Money from the federal government

Herzog's colleague, Sebastian Frehner, also focuses on finance: to reduce the number of HIV infections as much as possible, not the task of AIDS assistance to promote the discrimination of people living with HIV. It almost creates an impression, Frehner, as if Aids-Hilfe Schweiz is looking for new tasks. "There seems to be a lot of money. We have to cut off the federal contributions."

According to the Federal Department of Public Health, no federal funding is entering the campaign. Nevertheless, Aids-Hilfe receives state contributions – about 1.5 million francs for prevention services. Parliament can therefore make a punitive action by cutting the budget of AIDS relief.

Health Minister Alain Berset (SP) did not appreciate such plans very much. Professionals in the MEF are definitely giving support signals for the campaign. December 1 World AIDS Day is also characterized by solidarity with HIV-positive people. In addition, solidarity with the National Program for HIV and Other Sexually Transmitted Infections (NPHS), announced by the SPS spokesperson, is an important issue – and immediately clarifies: ında HIV is still a serious, incurable disease, a lifelong and continuous treatment. "

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