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Unauthorized ad of the TV channel – Switzerland: Standard


In fact, the thing is clear: who works for the Swiss television program may not be able to participate in ads. Exceptions exist, but have to be approved by the SRF Directorate. One who doesn't know all this is Julian Graf, the presenter of the online show "Zwei am Morge". Since the beginning of 2018, SRF has performed this morning's show with three new episodes every week on Youtube, which aims to address children aged 18-24.

For several weeks, Julian Graf has also referred to the health insurance company Sanagate, which belongs to the CSS Group – no one at the age of 26 has informed SRF about it. "What is paper work? Give me this thing digitally", hisses Graf in Sanagate's ad, throws bills in the air, takes a note against his forehead, hits his head several times on the table. "This clip is online. Now it's only 100,000 times Youtube clicked."

Advertising with Julian Graf. (Video: Youtube / Sanagate)

SonntagsZeitung The desire of Swiss television is until Julian Graf wants to know nothing of the advertising work for Sanagate. And this, despite the fact that the campaign with Graf was presented on a reputable industry portal for journalists and advertisers a few weeks ago.

In addition, the big news portals such as 20min.ch Graf's face passed the Sanagate ad. . We discussed the case internally with Julian and will adhere to the future procedures,. Says Swiss television.

Graf has a manufacturing company – this is a problem

Although Graf has violated the SRF rules, unauthorized participation has no result for now. Sanagate campaign made with Graf should not be deleted from the internet. At least not when it comes to Swiss television: "If the current advertising is stopped, Julian Graf will violate the contract. This actually seems disproportionate to us in the present case."

Thus, Julian Graf may continue to be moderate to SRF and promote Sanagate. Thus, television takes the interests of Graf to a higher level than itself. Because, of course, the independence of a presenter can no longer be guaranteed if he advertises insurance.

There isn't even a format like "Zwei am Morge" to inform young people. "For some, the first contacts on political and social issues are precisely what <İki Sabah> "can be done in formats such as" we know.

Graf has a manufacturing company

The Swiss television has been repeatedly criticized because the moderators have generously generated additional income. Christa Rigozzi's participation in the katılım Arena / Reporter Report program was warmly welcomed. Ex-Miss There are numerous advertising contracts, including Cembra Money Bank, which provides small loans in Switzerland.

In addition to his work for. Zwei am Morge olarak, Julian Graf, who ran a production company for video, was the spotlight with Rigozzi and Cembra. In addition, there is no problem with the SRF: Julian Graf is "confident" who is allowed to "follow the other external line".

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