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TV-Column "ZDFzeit: Prinz Charles": Still Living: Life in the Royal Waiting Room


On November 14 this time: "Big Party" in Buckingham Palace, Prince Charles is turning 70 years old. Retirement time? Not at all – ultimately, the current Windsor boss is still in office and the highest referee plans to be called back. A queen won't retire.

Remote approach

For a special birthday, a ZDF team accompanied Crown Prince with a BBC team. However, anyone who had hoped the royal family would open the door to reporters for a jubilee documentary still did not understand the principle of monarchy: the proximity of polite people to at least one arm length. And neither Hinz nor Kunz are invited to tea.

And so the ZDF team stays with archival footage, interviews with various royal house-narrators, and revived scenes, as well as just a few beautiful photos of Charles and Camilla. For example, in a tour of Cornwall, 3,000 lira homeowners finance most of the original living: vatandaş Still alive “, still alive, Prince Charles responds randomly to the farmers market while his citizens discover his health.

70-year apprenticeship

Still alive, the current owner of the throne, Elisabeth II. Abdanken makes him think of a vulnerable vulnerability to the enemy, but at least now allows the 92 to fulfill more of his duties slowly. He worked as an apprentice for 70 years and was awarded the Guinness Book of World Records.

British historian Anna Whitelock says that Charles' desperately wants to be king. But why? The Prince of Wales in the end of his charity work did the best. He does not think of green thinking as other Blue-bloods, and his enthusiasm for sustainability and protection of the environment gives an exciting contrast to the royal family's retro look.

Reminders for Ministers

Politically, he stepped into it when it appeared right – countless so-called "black spider notes" Charles wrote to various British ministers over the last few decades. As king, he was allowed to make tea or to stand on the knight behind the most closed door.

Charles must still be crowned the prince, consoles of the historian Robert Lacey, who will remember him as a great prince of Wales. And in a fugitive manner: "Despite problems with marriage." But this can be seen in a positive way: in the end Charles gave the world Diana a "Queen of Hearts" and then made memorable phone calls with his childhood sweetheart Camilla. Like these dramas fed many paparazzi for years.

Royal patchwork family

In short, the documentary returns to these "anni horribiles" of the Windsors; or rather, he draws a portrait of a man who has a reliable support for his sons after his ex-wife's inadvertent death. Who relies upon the will of her maternal childhood against her mother's will. Since 2005, Prince Prince has been happily married to Camilla, a royal patchwork family. Now, more than 20 years after Diana's death, can show maximum popularity.

His son, Harry, honors his father's prenatal speech for the ın work of his incredible life Oğ. To participate in climate change or disadvantaged youth. To change things. The future is to protect the monarchy of anachronism, even if it has a job as the king.

It will be clear whether Charles will take office. The British love him. Also – or just – as Prince of Wales. And there are far worse targets than being a company developing a lifetime.

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