Friday , August 12 2022

Thyssenkrupp expects less profit due to antitrust case | TIME ONLINE


Essen (dpa) – Industrial group ThyssenKrupp Due to the risks arising from the antitrust transactions carried out in the fiscal year 2017/2018, the profits are difficult to wait. The group was expected to have a 0.1 billion-euro surplus in Essen on Thursday evening.

The previous year, the company withdrew 0.271 billion euros. Pre-interest and pre-tax (EBITDA) adjusted earnings estimates were reduced from EUR 1.8 billion to EUR 1.6 billion. Thyssenkrupp's share price decreased after work.

The reason for the deteriorating expectations, the steel prices in the preliminary review for possible cartel agreements, new developments, he said. It has chosen the provisions because it cannot exclude olumsuz significant negative effects on the financial position and the results of the Group operations “. Components There were risks in the technology business unit and problems in Steel Europe and Elevator Technology.

Thyssenkrupp aims to increase the profitability of its business units and reduce costs – especially in the center, in factories and shipbuilding and in the elevator business.

Thysenkrupp CEO Donatus Kaufmann, in an employee letter, stressed that, the current developments will have no impact on the partnership with Tata Steel Europe. Th The parties, in his own words, bear the risks that may arise in the past.

In relation to the investigation of the contest's guardians, the employee letter is "related to the old cases." Reader. All the people involved no longer worked in the area of ​​responsibility or were no longer in the company: "The allegations are related to an old practice similar to ours today. Understanding compatibility does nothing."

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