Friday , July 30 2021

Three-Hour Publication on "Artificial Intelligence" and "Big Data"

Which data country in Switzerland wants to live in the future? SRF is looking for answers to these and other important questions about digital transformation in Switzerland on November 21 at Dataland. A three-part documentary and short reports from all over the country draws a multifaceted picture of digitalization in Switzerland and provides new insights into the digital future of our country. Susanne Wille runs the program and discusses with guests from politics, business and culture. Among others: Federal Councilor Doris Leuthard.

Digitization cannot be stopped. Progressive digital transformation, whether young or old, is increasingly affecting Switzerland in different living areas and thus has a significant impact on our daily lives. But what does this rapid digitization of all areas of life mean for our society? How do we deal with personal data collected almost for hours around us? In the future, who will ensure that all citizens of our country have the necessary knowledge to direct a free and self-determining existence in the digital world? This and other questions around digital transformation theme are taken by the evening "Dataland" SRF 1 at 21 November at 8:05 pm over.

Susanne Wille, "Dataland" server

The most important part of the evening is the ı Digital Revolution – Artificial Intelligence “, Smart City Dublin, Finland's biobank castle and the giant KI example of China. Intelligence beats our lives kısa Brief reports from SRF, RTS, RSI and RTR and live broadcasts to other regions feel the pulse of digitalization in Switzerland. The issues discussed in the film contributions were discussed with experts and experts from politics, business and culture, as well as with representatives from a Swiss perspective of a young generation. Doris Leuthard, a member of the Bundestag, who represents Switzerland since the summer of 2018, will also be there.

Theme evening as a national project

On November 21, all SRG TV stations will be allocated to G Dataland zam at the same time and at the highest time. The Rhaeto-Romanic television broadcasts the RTR broadcast over the SRF information. The nation-wide project aims to critically examine the situation of digitalization and to discuss important issues of digital future for Switzerland.

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