Friday , September 17 2021

This is where our mountain bike heroes come to Zurich.

Swiss Olympic heroes Neff, Frei, Indergand and Reusser are back in Switzerland. At Zurich Airport, they greet their fans with a deafening voice.

Great reception for Jolanda Neff, Sina Frei, Linda Indergand and Marlen Reusser at Zurich Airport. –

In short, indispensable

  • Jolanda Neff, Sina Frei and Linda Indergand had a historic success on Tuesday.
  • Medal winners at the 2021 Olympics landed in Zurich-Kloten this afternoon.
  • Hundreds of fans took the trio and Marlen Reusser back home.

This has only happened twice before in history. The trio of Jolanda Neff, Sina Frei and Linda Indergand won the entire set of medals in mountain bike racing at the 2021 Olympics.

Swiss women cyclists received their medals. – SRF

Two days after the historic victory, the cleaners came home this afternoon with time trial medalist Marlen Reusser. Their families, friends and crazy fans were waiting for them at Zurich Airport. First of all, the “Trychs” from Uri, the homeland of Indergand.

A survey of fans arriving at the reception in Zurich-Kloten. –

Take a shower at home after bathing in the crowd

“We were all allowed to fly in Business Class and get into the cockpit,” said Marlen Reusser after bathing in the crowd.

And when Jolanda Neff comes home, she wants to take a shower first.

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