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The new Fricktaler newspaper | Playful pretty disappointing

Sal, 20 November 2018

Handball NLB: Möhlin departs from a point

Fricktaler showed average performance in SG TV Solothurn. In the end, they got a score of 21:21 with a catch and a great morale.

150 times internationally trained by Marco Kurth SG TV Solothurn has always been heavy against the past. Three years ago, there were six clashes since their ascent. With three wins each, the balance was balanced before the game. The TV in the newspaper was in favor of Möhlin. He was third with 13 points. On the other hand, SG TV Solothurn, with eight points on the table, suffered three defeats in a row.

Very transparent
In the first stage of this default difference, there was nothing to be seen …

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