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The man is looking for Eva: Gina-Lisa Lohfink has to cry because of a bad joke


Rhodes –

Gina-Lisa Lohfink has the duration of her stay at "Queen Atlantis," a seemingly visible love steamer.

With the participant Antonino of Normalo, there was nothing from the dating of the ina Looking for man "(where he scared Gina-Lisa), but he quickly found his place.

On a date, candidate Martin and he came closer. And although the Marina collapsed two dates later – the two appear at a wavelength.

Shocked for Gina-Lisa Lohfink: Do you have to leave the "Man sucht Eva" -boat?

But now shock: Antonino and Martin were chosen to send a Eve from the ship. Gina-Lisa and Nackedei colleagues can choose Mahta.

Given the stress situation for ladies, it's not time to joke. But that's exactly what Martin and Antonino have in mind.

Adams announced that Gina-Lisa should be landing. . We love you, but you're very hyperactive. Alesef eden That's why, Gina, unfortunately, we decided you had to leave the boat, sev says Martin.

Bitter tears

Blonde long-time "Waaaaas?" He runs away. He was surprised by this decision. Even Raki may not believe Matha.

When two other Eve say goodbye, tears start to turn. Time for the boys to solve everything. It was just fun! Hey, Gina-Lisa, laugh again!

But at the same time for Mahta, "Queen Atlantis" means the time is over. . Martin didn't do that during this time, Martin explains Martin.

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Gina-Lisa Lohfink: "That really hurt me!"

Matha takes at the expense of the obvious fool and departs from his shipmates.

"I bought it this way. I had a good time here. We've had a lot. It was a great experience," he concludes.

Meanwhile, Gina-Lisa shakes between relief and hurting. "It really hurt me! Because I thought, I wasn't very loved and I'm doing everything wrong," he says.

I'll see you at RTL at 23:20 tonight, if bad jokes permanently destroy their relationship with Martin.


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