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Study about streaming services – who pays for Netflix in Switzerland

The US provider is the most popular platform for TV shows and movies in this country. A new survey now shows which population groups are spending the most money.

Netflix, according to research, is the most common paid streaming service in Switzerland.

Netflix, according to research, is the most common paid streaming service in Switzerland.

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Amazing Review by the online comparison service One thing first of all: More and more young Swiss are paying for one or more streaming services. 77 percent of 18-25 year olds surveyed stated that they subscribed to at least one streaming service such as Spotify or Netflix. It is 65 percent for 25-49 year olds and 35 percent for 50-74 year olds.

Research conducted in January 2021 shows that more are being listened to in Switzerland due to the Corona. According to the research, “Thanks to Corona, Youtube, Netflix and Spotify have further expanded their leadership”. Use by the way 89 percent 22% of the population at least one of the flows in questionDone.

Has grown so much NetflixBefore saying yes, 54 percent of respondents use the video servicehr was still 45. About 40 percent of the servicePaid version. Netflix is ​​by far the most popular subscription streaming service in Switzerland.

Young people watch TV series and movies more often than the older population on Netflix. 83 percent 18-25 year olds use Netflix and 62-25-49 year olds Percentage and Still 33 among 50-74 year olds percent.

The streaming service Disney +, launched about a year ago, has a 13 percent share. This makes Disney + the second largest video streaming service after Netflix.

WITHApplying since January 2020 also YouTube ajoyfulf 65 percent (plus 10) Amazon Prime Video (7 to 10 percent).

Youtube to listen to music

75% of the Swiss population now use YouTube. When it comes to streaming music in Switzerland, YouTube clearly tops the list: More than 60 percent He said they listen to music on YouTube. Both of them classical In particular, music streaming services increased Spotify (from 35 percent to 44 percent).

35 Prowiththe input of the respondents 18 and 25 years old State that they are using TikTok. This is the third-best value in this age group, after YouTube (94 percent) and Netflix (83).

Moneyland and market research institute Ipsos asked 1,500 people about their flow preferences.

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