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Stop Aging: Slow down the aging process and look younger for longer with these tips

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A new study wants to show that we are aging not gradually, but gradually, that is, over thirty years. Proteins in the blood play an important role.

Why do some people look 30 years old at 40? Genetic predisposition plays an important role, but lifestyle also has a huge impact on our aging process. A new study by US scientists from Stanford University now claims they have found biological aging is not a creeping process, it happens in leaps and bounds – that is, in the fourth, seventh and eighth decades of life. According to the researchers, these three ages are crucial to biological aging because they cause tremendous changes in the body.

For the study, Stanford researchers analyzed the blood plasma of 4,263 people between the ages of 18 and 95 and studied it for 2,925 plasma proteins. They concluded that the number of proteins in blood plasma changed significantly in the 30s, 60s and 70s. These “aging leaps” of the body will, among other things, have an impact on the development of diseases.. “This new approach to studying aging has led to the identification of unexpected signatures and pathways that could provide potential targets for age-related diseases,” the study says.

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Regenerative Supplements? Balanced diet eliminates the need for pills

Age researcher Professor Sven Voelpel explains the role of proteins in the body in a picture interview: “Proteins are the building blocks of life, so we live through proteins,” and adds: “In the study, about 3,000 proteins were examined and it was realized that only these moves were happening at that time. There is some kind of uneven aging as proteins are no longer found in good quantities. ” However, Voelpel says genes can be changed through our behavior. According to him, just a few minutes a day should be enough to get younger or live longer. He sees the solution in dietary supplements. “Every morning I take a mixture of all the vitamins, minerals, enzymes, probiotic bacteria, and the vital substances from which I get fiber,” says Voelpel. In this way, metabolic processes are best supported and this can slow down the aging process.

According to US scientists, we age particularly fast in the three phases of life. However, there are measures to counter this.

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It is controversial to what extent it makes sense to take nutritional supplements with an otherwise balanced diet. The German Nutrition Association also criticizes this and quotes Professor Marc Birringer of the Fulda University of Applied Sciences, who, among others, advises on dietary supplements and refers to changes in our diet and lifestyle: “Our bodies have a large number of endogenous antioxidants that we can activate through exercise and sports, avoiding obesity, and through a variety of diets.According to the current state of knowledge, healthy adults get all the important nutrients by eating a varied and natural diet as possible. According to the DGE, finished products containing a lot of industrial sugar and salt should be consumed only very rarely, meat and other animal products in moderation. Fresh fruits and vegetables, legumes, herbs, seeds, seeds and whole grain products should be eaten frequently.

The fountain of youth formula? This lifestyle needs to make you live longer

According to age researcher Sven Voelpel, in addition to a varied diet, the following factors should also have a rejuvenating effect:

  • a positive outlook on life
  • move a lot
  • enough relief
  • Healthy sleep
  • lots of social interactions

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Sport is very good for the soul

Sport is very good for the soul

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