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Ronaldinho should still keep six euros in his account – News Sport: Football


Are you all climbers, tunnels and dream targets? Ronaldinho To put it together for a video, it would probably take action, probably in the trilogy of the Lord of the Rings, about the duration of the film. Brazil has millions of wizards in the football field and has won everything, became a world footballer and made millions in his career. Now it must be broken.

This was reported by Spanish media. The Brazilian tax office found the real 25 surveys of Ronaldinho Konti, still corresponding to 25 euros. The search was initiated because the 38-year-old state owed two euros. The reason for this is that in 2015, together with his brother, he had sugar factories built into a nature reserve.

The Spanish newspaper Marca writes that the authorities also confiscated Ronaldinho's passport. Can get help from Brazilian sponsors. Nike, the sport outfit, designed the shoe with the name Ronaldinho on it and should fill in his account soon. (MRO)

Created: 06.11.2018, 13:29 hours

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