Monday , March 1 2021

Post looking for new tasks for Post

Letters are sent less and less and the competition with the baggage becomes even more difficult. The post office is considering what posters can do in their delivery rounds. Even the unions think it's great, because it could save them.

The postman brings the grandson and gossip magazine to the old lady on the third floor. But that's not all, it also explains the function of the new retired watch, and sets it up according to its needs.

Utopia? No, bigger Zurich. He is currently conducting a pilot test to advise and install emergency call times on the Pöstler (reported by BLICK). Normally, every second post office is counted on the delivery round, there is no time for chat or even consultation.

He already has to distribute Pöstlers Müsterli to his mailboxes on his tours, for example for the food giant Nestlé. Or sometimes they deliver food to the households in the boxes.

Clarify what money brings

This would actually call the unions participating in the plan, otherwise they were always afraid that the employee was bored. But no indication! Transfair welcomes the fact that the Swiss Post has not only watched the disintegration of the current business model: n We would like to try out the Swiss Post to try out new services and explain what suits the market, ın explains René Fürst, who is in charge of the postal and logistics industry. On request from LOOK.

Because: u New services can help in getting jobs. Ek However, the Transfair representative limits that this additional work is only reasonable if it can be used to make money. And most of all: "Pöstler & # 39; s important to be trained accordingly and take the time for these additional services."

As the Post provides, you get the following: For the pilot project, the delivery rounds are set to have enough time for consultation with the ten respondents who volunteer for the project.

Looking at postman relationship in France

Syndicom also seeks Post & # 39; s request to open a new business, basically good. However, additional tasks should not only be imposed on employees: dır The decisive factor for us is the participation of staff in such a project. Because Synderscom's spokesperson, Christian Capacoel (40), can only judge the practical experience of Postmen as possible and what is not possible during a delivery tour.

Maybe we will soon see offers like France. There, relatives in the post office can use a subscription for a good 22 francs, so the postman will visit the grandmother or grandfather once a week, ring the bell and question the well-being of older people. And then to the family – or if necessary, report to the care service.

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