Tuesday , July 27 2021

"Partly 15 people started with two men" – 20 minutes

A private party that developed its own momentum climbed altogether and led to a police operation. From 2012 on, the project X was a reality on Saturday evening in the Zurich region.

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Iri The party was in two rented rooms in Aargauerstrasse – the invitation was circulated through Snapchat and was granted entry from the age of 15 ch, according to his own knowledge, a reader reporter who is one of the party guests. Suddenly, there were too many people in and around the buildings. "I think there were 300 people in two rooms."

«They directed everything to the police»

"I was then told that the party was canceled and everyone had to go," he said. There were conflicts among young guests in front of the house. "Partly 15 people are out of two, and you can't interfere with so many people."

After the situation calmed down a bit, the police came a little later. Then he climbed again. There was another reader-reporter, he said,, The other boys have escaped, kaç the stones, the bottles, and everything else were thrown in the direction of the police. After that, the smaller clashes came from the station Altstetten.

More than 100 intruders

In a press release, the City of Zurich police confirmed on Sunday morning that patrols were disembarked in Kreis 9 shortly before the 10th hour and bombed in the field with fireworks, stones and bottles.

The police are talking about more than 100 uninvited guests who refuse to enter the private party and then block traffic. Nobody was injured – a 14-year-old Swiss man was arrested for allegedly throwing a bottle to the police.


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