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New “Sing My Song” stars – “This is where completely different worlds meet”

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Singer Seven is inviting artists to an exchange concert for the third time. For example, this time rapper Stress and R’n’B newcomer Naomi Lareine are sitting on the couch.

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“Sing my song” advances to the next round.  Now the artists are known.

“Sing my song” advances to the next round. Now the artists are known.

Andrea Camen

This time, newcomer Naomi Lareine will sit on the famous sofa.  The 27-year-old is the hottest R'n'B talent in Switzerland and his first EP

This time the celebrity becomes a newcomer on the couch. naomi larenine Sit down. The 27-year-old is the hottest R’n’B talent in Switzerland and has been nominated for the Swiss Music Award for his debut EP “Unchained”.

Andrea Camen

By the way, the singer received support in her career from rapper Stress.

By the way, the singer received support from the rapper in his career Stress.

David Hubacher

  • Famous Swiss artists reunited in Gran Canaria and sang their colleague’s songs in “Sing mein Song”.

  • Host and soul singer Seven invites you to the popular swap concert for the third time.

  • Six participants have now been announced.

  • Among others, rapper Stress, dialect artist Dabu Bucher from Dabu Fantastic, and newcomer Naomi Lareine take their seats.

The Swiss edition of “Sing my Song” will enter its third round in spring 2022. Soul singer Seven invites six artists from the local music scene to the holiday island of Gran Canaria to reveal the emotional background of their songs and reinterpret the respective songs of their colleagues.

In addition to hosting Seven, this year’s swap concert includes: Rapper Stress (44), R’n’B talent Naomi Lareine (27), Pegasus frontman Noah Veraguth (34), folk musician Melanie Oesch (33), Dabu Fantastic singer Dabu Bucher (40) and soul singer Caroline Chevin (47).

“I am extremely proud that I was able to re-establish a completely new alliance this year,” Seven said in a press release. “We haven’t had a player playing music from the popular region or entirely in French,” the musician says, referring to Melanie and the stress. Also, there were only solo artists in previous seasons. That is now changing with Noah, Dabu and Melanie.

“Emotions will be fireworks”

Dabu is also excited for “Sing my Song”-spänli: “I expect even more explosive from the first two seasons. I can imagine this year’s mix will be pretty crazy. Completely different worlds collide.” Melanie, who has followed the show from the beginning, is already excited about “what outfits my colleagues will put our Oesch songs in.”

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And Caroline is sure: “There will be fireworks of emotions.” After all, that’s “the recipe for the success of this show,” adds Stress. Protégé Naomi Lareine already knows which of her scars can make her eyes wet. « If someone owns my song save you I would choose, I could get emotional, because this song is very close to my heart », said 27-year-old 20 Minuten.

Naomi has been supported and nurtured by the stress of her career. The rapper is a friend and mentor of the strong-voiced singer. One constellation that does not abandon its Zurich resident continues: “I feel the most pressure when I’m under stress because I know that and I don’t want to disappoint.” Probably an unfounded concern, after all, the former professional football player is considered the greatest R’n’B talent in Switzerland and was nominated for the Swiss Music Award for his debut EP “Unchained”.

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