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New endless mode shortly before releasing


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Endless Mode to be finally released to the construction game Frostpunk on the gloomy scene? It won't take long. 11-bit Studios' developer team explains, the release is approaching. There is also some new details about the new game mode and a matching video.

The team of 11-bit studios had already announced the new Infinite Mode for the construction game Frostpunk, which was not seen until now. However, the wait will end soon: As the developers announce in the context of a newly released video, this week will probably be even more open.

According to developers, the delay was delayed because the mode was much more comprehensive than originally planned. For example, there is both a light (Serenity) and a heavier (Durability) variant. With ın Serenity kal you have more resources than starting and you will have to deal with much less severe weather conditions. Thus, you have a little more time for the actual construction of the city. On the other hand, in "Endurance", you can expect more demanding conditions than in the main game. I mean, there are things that can paralyze all parts of your city for a few days.

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You can see the Endless Mode of Frostpunk. (Buy from € 29,90) A total of four should be provided on the map so that it is sufficiently varied. A developer video with some game scenes can be found directly under the message.

Source: 11 bit studio

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Frostpunk: Developer video introduces new Endless Mode

The new Infinite Mode for Frostpunk is about to release (2)

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