Wednesday , February 24 2021

Ms. Swiss Jastina Doreen Riederer provides a love-jumble

As it is now revealed, Jastina Doreen Riederer often had a man's gediets – but after Gekuhlsche, the radio man sat down with Jontsch.

Shortly before he left the Miss Universe in Thailand, Miss Switzerland's Jastina Doreen Riederer (20) led to emotional turbulence: First, jury member Jonathan «Jontsch» in front of 13,000 fans in Energy Star Night He is engaged to Schächter (36) – and now it turns out that a trained retailer specializes in another man: Remo Spahr (24) is a candidate of Mr. Right for Swiss voting.

Went out with Jastina several times.

Once again, the sporting Zurich (beach volleyball, snow volleyball, American football) was seen a month ago with Aargauerin, a little more like Reto Hanselmann's Halloween party. He also appeared in Energy Star Night Riederer with Spahr. The 24-year-old, now with Jastina, confirmed that it is in a aş busy entry phase Şimdi. But because of Jastina's stormy kiss with Jontsch. "Actually, I have no problem with a kiss, it's a funny thing," said Spahr "SI Online". "I think they both exaggerate."

She didn't give him enough love.

Riederer verifies the separation, but gives completely different reasons. . I couldn't give it to him, fazla Remo says. And in addition: "For me, there was no relationship before the election of the Miss Universe." He's still waiting to be kissed with Jontsch. "I was often told that I was boring and rotten. With kisses, I could show that I can do it differently," he said proudly.

Remo Spahr said there was an argument after the scene creaked. Jastina asked if everything had gone as imagined. "That's how he approved of me. For me, that's the point where I realized we didn't have the same mentality," the muscle man said, disappointed.

They would stop after contact. Jastina: "Of course we got rid of contact, but you shouldn't slow yourself down." (Wyte)

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