Friday , September 24 2021

Meteorologists have warned of severe thunderstorms.

On Saturday afternoon, thunderstorms hit Switzerland again and the new week continues with hail and heavy rain.

In short, indispensable

  • There are also partly heavy thunderstorms in Switzerland in the new week.
  • The weather is expected to continue to change until Sunday, August 1st.

It was at least a respite in the evening and night after the stormy weekend. In the north, there were only a few showers and thunderstorms in the south.

But breathing doesn’t take long, according to “Meteo News.” Local showers are already possible Monday morning – and again in the afternoon with more downpours and locally strong thunderstorms.

Greetings at the Bern train station on Saturday evening. –

According to “SRF Meteo” it will continue in the coming days. At least there are longer sunny phases like Tuesday mornings. On the plains it sometimes stays dry in the afternoon, but over the mountains rain and storms are to be expected.

On Wednesday, in the end, the situation is the opposite: First, it rains widely – in the afternoon there are longer sunny phases on the plains. The first three days of the new week will be between 23 and 26 degrees.

Storm national holiday?

According to the trend forecast made by “SRF Meteo”, no significant weather changes are expected in the second half of the week. For Mr and Mrs Swiss, this means: Sunday 1st August will likely be wet…

It is variable in the southwest current, but at least mild. More rain and sometimes heavy thunderstorms are expected. There are also longer periods of sunny and dry weather in between – most likely Thursday.

It continues to be volatile in the south. However, the temperature is around 28 degrees there, while the thermometer in the north stays around 25 degrees.

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