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You already knew that they had abandoned mankind in Uefa. Thus the people of the European Union published a few descriptive videos about the League of Nations. Together they take 3 minutes and 20 seconds. The most popular evolutionary videos are between 2 and 3 minutes, which is not very short.

No, no one in the university physics will immediately know the new mode of competition. But that doesn't matter. Because they don't give up, Swiss. Although they are coming back to Belgium: 0: 2. They finally congratulate one of the wildest victories in their international history.

Video: Seferovic meets with 5: 2

The final goal of Switzerland's sensational victory over Belgium. Video: SRF

And even the Dutch don't give up. 0: 2 in Germany. At the end of the 91st minute, 2: 2 as a victory in the cheers. Or English: 0-1 against Croatia in the last quarter of an hour.

Many games of this League of Nations are just fun. Anyway, this invention is much more fun than any international friend we can live without. Who needs a match between Switzerland and Qatar in front of 4,200 starving spectators? Players clearly not. They showed a very impressive view with their unlisted views in Lugano.

Today, friendship games seem to be a relic from a time when the telephones were making calls and newspapers were earning money. After Joseph "Seppe" Hicel scored five goals in a friendly friendly match against France in 1960 in front of 40000 spectators, he said before the next training session with FC Basel: "Well, now more Anyway, I can't develop myself anymore. ”At that time, the national team test and competition games were still equally important.

Video: Germany then blow low

The Germans play in the final stages of victory against the Netherlands. Video: SRF

Professionals for friends today: wait for the starter, yes there is no risk of injury – and the fastest way to the club that real life expects. If a player like Granit Xhaka, with his club, only plays 48 games per season, who wants to blame them?

By minimizing the number of test games that are unavoidable, the League of Nations also returns something of dignity lost in the international match. But that's not all: it offers even better entertainment than EM and WM competencies. Of course, it would be good if they were allowed to compete against the very big ones for smaller nations. However, ultimately, it often seems too strenuous: the underdog defends with human and mouse who are your favorite struggles who are more or less reluctant to fulfill his duty.

However, in the new competition, teams compete with each other, meet at the eye level. Swiss coach Bernard Challandes, against a brave Kosovans against Azerbaijan, had a real final match in front of another house? When did the Cebelitar win two games in the same competition? Let's be honest: It is a bit odd that Joachim Löw is also a member of the mothers as a world-class coach, and his resume now includes a fall with Germany.

Haris Seferovic, the top scorer of the highest leagues league. The payment has already been made for the invention alone.

Mißepeter wants to say that the new competition has no real value. But they miss one thing: Probably, the games in the highest league countries are a lot of fun, because the League of Nations does not have a great reputation. Not many teams win, but for the defeat in Europe or the World Cup so many things in question.

On the other hand, the League of Nations has only the right amount to put things at risk: players have leadership incentives, supporters, and teams that were previously made, and they even have an incentive to participate because they have a chance to qualify to some extent for the European Championship. On the other hand, the rise of four or the kidnapping of its tournament is not the end of the world. Exactly, the Dutch like 0: 2 atmosphere from 2: 2. Or Switzerland like 5: 2.

If you're still not sure of the size of the competition, you should keep this in mind: Haris Seferovic is the top scorer of the league of the highest leagues. The payment has already been made for the invention alone.


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