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Influenza: 7 questions about the flu vaccine


The best prevention against influenza: influenza vaccine. Picture: KEYSTONE

Hi, vaccination rivals – these 7 responses to this flu vaccine are especially for you

Today, November 9th National Flu Day. Today, those vaccinated use 30 francs, which is the recommended fixed rate. Interested parties may use the offer spontaneously in one of the practices or pharmacies of the participating doctors.

Many people do not want to be vaccinated for different reasons. However, the highly contagious influenza ("influenza") is often overlooked because they like to mix with a substantially harmless influenza ("cold") infection. Flu weakens the immune system and can cause life-threatening complications. Every year, 1,500 people die in Switzerland according to the disease and its consequences.

Although the vaccine does not provide 100% protection against infection, it is the best treatment for influenza. The vaccine is most effective when taken before the onset of influenza – preferably between mid-mid to mid-November. It is recommended for those who do not want to protect themselves and infect others. If you belong to a risk group (see item 5 & nbsp;), vaccination is urgently needed.

How effective is a flu vaccine?

The vaccine cannot provide absolute protection because the influenza viruses are mutated and the immune system cannot always reliably detect and fight it. The activity also depends on which viruses are circulating and whether the vaccine covers them. Coverage varies from year to year, but usually exceeds 90 percent.

In addition, other factors such as the age of the vaccine also affect efficacy – lower in the elderly. Therefore, the effectiveness of the vaccine for a given season cannot be precisely determined – it decreases healthy according to the Federal Public Health Office (FOPH).
Young adults are at risk of disease in the elderly 70-90%

However, if the vaccine is not
It weakened. In addition, serious complications occur less frequently.

Can vaccination have side effects?

Yeah. Approximately one-third of the vaccinated people experience redness and mild swelling or pain at the injection site. They descend a few hours to two days and do not require treatment.

Nausea, edema, allergic asthma or allergic reaction due to allergies, which are usually allergic, are less common. If you are suffering from severe side effects, you should see a doctor.

It is extremely rare to find Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS) – in about one case of more than one million vaccines. However, GBS is a more frequent complication of influenza infection. The vaccine thus triggers more than GBS. In any case, the risk of causing serious complications of the flu is much higher than the serious side effects of the vaccine.

Influenza vaccines. Picture: KEYSTONE

Can the vaccine trigger the flu?

No, that's not possible. The vaccine, which stimulates the immune system to produce specific antibodies, consists of fragments of inactive viruses from various influenza virus strains. You can't make a flu.

Why do people who have been vaccinated sometimes have flu-like symptoms?

Five reasons can lead to:

Insufficient coverage: If the vaccine does not completely cover circulating viral strains, it provides only partial protection.

Low protection: First of all, in the elderly or in immunocompromised individuals, only a weak body's immune system emerges after vaccination and is only partially protected. However, if they are flu, the symptoms are less likely to cause complications.

Vaccination time: The development of the body's immune system takes about two weeks. You may be infected at this time.

Side effects of vaccination: Five to ten percent of vaccinated people can react with fever, muscle pain, or mild discomfort. These symptoms are generally harmless and disappear after a short time.

cold: Often a harmless cold is mixed with influenza because the symptoms are similar. However, colds rarely cause complications.

Flu is not a harmless disease. Picture: KEYSTONE

Who should be vaccinated?

Those belonging to a risk group should be vaccinated. These concerns:

  • People over 60
  • Pregnant women in the second trimester (later protected in the first months of life)
  • Premature babies from six months of age in the first two flu seasons
  • chronic patient
  • Overweight persons with a BMI over 40's
  • Medical personnel and caregivers, due to increased risk of infection. There is also a higher risk of infecting patients.
  • Residents of retirement homes

Do not belong to any risk group but should I have a vaccine?

If you come in contact with people at home or at the risk of a complication at work, you should be vaccinated. How to protect such vulnerable people from being infected.

In healthy children and healthy young adults, seasonal flu usually goes without complications. Symptoms are disturbing. In addition, an inoculation in the fall may prevent the formation of influenza during winter vacations, for example.

When should not be vaccinated?

Those who have had a serious allergic reaction to the vaccine for the previous influenza vaccine should not be vaccinated. This is also true for people who are very allergic to egg lungs.

If you have a high fever, you should wait with the vaccine until it is over. Doing so may reduce vaccine protection.

In contrast, during pregnancy and lactation, the influenza vaccine can be done without hesitation. Protecting the mother and the newborn from influenza infection is recommended.

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So you cough and sneeze:

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