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between 11.11.2018 20:01

Everything seemed to be a victory for Max Verstappen and Red Bull Racing. Later, Force India driver Esteban Ocon shook the leader. Lewis Hamilton, thank you.

When Max Verstappen returned to the second pits, he grew up on the radio: "I hope I can't find Ocon on the pad now, otherwise …" Dutch angry. Force India driver Esteban Ocon led the Brazilian GP as he tried to escape and squeeze with Max's RBR racer. The following touch not only hurt the lower part of Verstappen's car, but also forced him to a turn of glory. Lewis Hamilton didn't say twice, and he won.

Max Verstappen came out of bed with red head. Nothing could comfort her. Neither he was named the driver of the day, nor Ocon received a ten-second stop-and-go punishment. B I don't know what else to say, R RBR team manager Christian Horner tried to help the Dutchman. Max I know what I said when I saw Ocon, “Max replied.

Brazil's first statement after Verstappen's withdrawal: “What should I say after such a situation? You do everything right in a race, then you're on trial for guilt. Why does Ocon want to escape with all his might? What's that? »

Ord The car was very bright, ord he says. Dı The car was very bright. Için. We found our racing strategy perfect.

"Second, it's something that shouldn't be ashamed, but we should have won this race. How cool: Next year we need more engine power from Honda, then everything will be fine."

Sky-GP specialist: "Could Max have given Ocon more room in this case? Maybe. But I think a race leader deserves more respect and why should he wait for Max Ocon to attack him as a leader? In fact, TV footage shows that Verstappen is still aside and the old rule is still valid – the curve belongs to the front pilot.

Max Verstappen met Ocon shortly after, gave him ideas, pushed the French in, then the FIA ​​jumped out of his box and drivers weighed after the race. It is still unknown whether there is an epilogue in which a short change is part of the car association. Pictures were shown on the French Channel.

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