Friday , October 7 2022

Huawei Mate 20 Pro has a display problem: #GlueGate


Huawei's new super phone has a bad bug (#GlueGate)

With Huawei, Mate 20 Pro is challenging its rivals Apple and Samsung. But now with a processing error, the new Android smartphone from China comes out in the headlines. has reported, should give big screen problems. Perhaps the screen is not correctly pasted during production. "Low brightness, greenish yellow glittering margins appear to many users."


It is unclear how large the damage is, and how many copies of Mate 20 Pro are affected by these display errors. According to the Futurezone, green-yellow glittering stains can only be seen in dark rooms with low brightness, so many cases will not be noticed. The majority of smartphones are completely error-free.

A moderator at the British Huawei forum claimed that color change might be linked to the built-in OLED panel and could be normal in different ways.

Google phone already affected

Hashtag #Gluegate under the phenomenon is now known not new, calls the German technology portal in memory. Recently, Google's former flagship Nexus 4 was affected by similar problems. Eventually, it turned out that the screen was incorrectly glued during production.

Buyers to know for reassuring: The affected devices must be replaced free of charge according to the manufacturer's warranty.

watson asked Huawei for an official statement on Monday. The answer is pending and will be added here as soon as it arrives.


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