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Housing cooperatives law: the judiciary should be biased – Switzerland


Those who are responsible for establishing a network of construction projects that have committed crimes since Monday morning are being tried. Cases return to 2005. Illnau-Effretikon More than 500 investors in Isenbach have lost their money in the housing cooperative in ZH. As a rule, the unit invested between 20,000 and 50,000 francs in certificates.

The cooperative capital of 20 million francs completely disappeared. During bankruptcy, 210 creditor claimed more than 43 million francs.

50 box files

The defendants, He also took part in the planning of various construction projects in the Valley of St. Gallen. In Sevelen SG (140 million francs) and in Buchs SG (20 million francs), it is said that they invested in investor funds as a Buch promotional fee de of 6.2 million francs in the case of Bad Rans, which had been planned previously but not at all.

The board of directors must also have a "sales price" of 1.5 million francs. This was not tied to benefits, but only linked to sales that represented a prohibited profit-sharing because of the statutes.

The scope of the trial overturned the court framework in Mels. The District Court in Werdenberg-Sargansland therefore carried the process to Theorielokal der Feuerwehr.

Approximately 20 transaction participants took place on Monday, or on the bank ranks where trained firefighters were present. Behind the five-member court, about 50 pieces of cardboard boxes were stacked with process files.

Arrested in the Caribbean

Two prosecutors sat in the first bank. Behind and behind the defendants, five people and a woman with their lawyers.

There are two participants, eight in total. A person is not known. "The man is said to have been arrested two weeks ago in the Dominican Republic," the court said. Whether they can be brought to court should still be shown. Defense attorney attended the hearing.

The prosecution of another defendant who is distributed for health reasons will be later.

The judge must be biased

In the context of the preliminary questions, various defense lawyers requested the termination and resumption of the proceedings. They said the conditions for a probe procedure were not fulfilled. He also criticized the fact that one of the lawyers had had two defendants for several years, which led to a conflict of interest. In addition, the prosecutor did not receive a single opinion from an independent expert.

One of the district judges, a geologist who is said to be involved in the planning of the co-operatives of Isenbach and Bad Rans, said he was prejudiced.

The former building co-operative's attorney also wanted to reject the indictment. One of the prosecutors is biased. "My client can't wait for a fair trial," he said. He wasn't looking for a house with his client.

St. A defender of a carpenter from the Rhine Valley asked for a long-term cessation of his client's proceedings. The lawyer said, "My client is involved in the bankruptcy of Wohnbaugenossenschaft Bad Rans, and has spread like wild fire."

Fraud, embezzlement, forgery

However, the two prosecutors saw no reason to break the negotiations. The arrested defendant can be delivered during the process.

The prejudice of a judge was delayed. Eleven years ago, he had an idea about the thermal source created by Bad Rans. Also, the duration of transactions was not excessive.

The defendants are in court for bankruptcy law, fraud, forgery of documents, unfair business deals and embezzlement charges. They face a few years in prison.

The court announced on Tuesday morning that the trial will continue as planned, with the defendant questioned.

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