Tuesday , October 26 2021

Horn Cows on the Edge – Open Trends on SBI and Social Detectives – Business


If the federal bids were voted on November 25th on November 3, the Hornkuh initiative would no longer be the majority. The change in the social security law (social detectives) would be well accepted. SBI, which is emerging from the second trend survey published on Wednesday in the name of SBI, will be a number.

In general, according to the SRG questionnaire, the intention to vote for all presentations was strengthened in line with the position of the Federal Council and the Parliament. This corresponds to the tendencies emerging from the third Tamedia survey on three presentations published on the same day to a large extent.

The assumption of the SBI on 25 November will be based on the # surprise Kasım numbers of the SRG questionnaire. 61 percent of respondents (Tamedia: 58 percent), 37 percent (Tamedia: 40 percent) against it at the beginning of November. During the main campaign phase, No. has succeeded in expanding its leadership according to the SRG survey. Nevertheless, yes the camp has recorded almost no loss in total.

SBI: Counter campaign shows effect

However, the SVP failed to convince outside its constituents. The authors of the SRG questionnaire could not focus on the weaknesses of the project and the broad-based communication of competitors early on.

The biggest differences in the two surveys are the monitoring of social insurance. In 67 percent (32 percent), the share of shares in Tamedia is significantly higher than that of 59 percent (38 percent) of SRG. In both cases the trend is the same.

There is also a remarkable discrepancy in the horn initiative. Supporters at 49 percent in SRG are still ahead of competitors with 46 percent. In Tamedia, stocks rose to 52 percent, lawyers went down to 45 percent.

Horn cows: Yes the camp sags

However, both polls have a clear increase in the negative votes of the Hornkuh initiative as a partner. On the other hand, each of his followers lost 10% in SRG and Tamedia. For the SRG survey, the adoption of the horn cow attempt is a uz clearly less likely scenario m as stated in the documentation.

As always, according to the short report on the SRG survey, this is just a snapshot. And the questionnaire could not have made more conclusions about the situation because of the lesser number of cases.

The second wave of the SRG Trend Survey was carried out by the gfs.bern research institute between 31 October and 7 November. 3683 voters from all over Switzerland participated. For the first time, the phone survey was supported by an online survey. The error range is 2.7%.

The third Tamedia survey was online on November 8th and 9th. From 13,298 participants, 10701 came from German-speaking Switzerland, 2060 Romandy and 537 Ticino. The error range is 1.4 percentage points.

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