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He has released Abschieds with songs of Kino and Merkel

Hamburg. Shortly before her 80th birthday, Heino announced her departure: after a tour to be held next year, pop singer and folk musician would like to retire. But the native Westphalian is releasing its new album "… and goodbye".

In the mid-70s, it is rarely possible for musicians to act in a similar way to hip, as Heino did in 2013 with his album "Yours sincerely". Known as the hit bard and the controversial folksong singer, the artist has rediscovered the cover versions of well-known pop, hip-hop and rock songs by musicians from the beginning of the Doctor, Sportfreunde Stiller and rock garb. This has not always been enjoyed by the original hit suppliers.

"I am, of course, grateful for such a thing," he says in an interview with the German Press Agency in Hamburg. "We went from scratch to the album, and in a short time I raised my audience for forty years, and it played me." Heino is on stage with Rammstein in Wacken Open Air. Üyor I've been a rocker ever since and since then people have made me crazy and, smiling by wearing a black leather jacket, 79-year-old. Incidentally, the now announced resignation is not the first time – in 2005 Heino had already said goodbye.

Born in Düsseldorf as Heinz Georg Kramm, the translator's new farewell album "… and bye-bye" wants to say goodbye to the show business, and less shakes, but works in the same model. When it comes to media presence, it has gone to a en safe for the eyes g: it allocates two titles to the most famous women in Germany. The "Model" from the Electropop legend Kraftwerk, Heino's respect for Heidi Klum. "Heidi is on my television show" Welcome to Heino and Hannelore "my nineties. He was 17 at the time – he's been a career in the world since then, so I've committed his name," says the artist.

The album will be released on 23.11.2018. Photo: Sony Music / dpa

However, except for rolling R, Heino does not have much creative to add to his version. The second lady she thinks of a song is none other than Prime Minister Angela Merkel. "Bilder im Kopf (Angie)" with dance display, as expected, is not a cover version of the Rolling Stones classic. One of the few original compositions of recordings. . You don't let me out of my mind, diye shouts Heino, and the choir contributes to verme Angie ". Iyor I think he's a good chancellor, but at some point it's always over,, Heino says, otherwise he likes to call himself non-political.

In his own farewell location, the former baker's apprentice reveals all the stops musically: Threepenny from the Opera "Mackie Messer", unexpectedly good. And in La Paloma, which she borrowed from her idol, Freddy Quinn, said goodbye to the farewell.

However, the theme song turns out to be a funny hit: "I'm not saying goodbye, I don't say goodbye. I'm making myself more comfortable, now I've been more free." Above all, his music-capable grandson Sebastian Kramm (21) dedicated himself to the acoustic song "Guitar Child," which must be understood symbolically by himself and probably also as a baton era. When Kramm Junior draws Heino in a crystal clear voice, Heino doesn't have much in common with his songs: "The boy who tells stories with the guitar.

Heino's wife, Hannelore (76), who eventually hired himself as a singer, told Knef that & for you, it's raining red roses Sonunda. With a modified text, the track is a serenade for the 80th birthday of Heino on December 13th. But after nearly 60 years of production and 50 million records sold, there will not be songs for the new album that will be remembered for Heino. They will hit Turkish songs and hit "Gentian Blue Flowers", which will be hit by "The Valley of the Wolves" and "Horse Fountain", as well as the music memory of Germany. But in the spring of 2019 Heino already wants to take a big tour.

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