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Kevin Anderson broke a record for the ATP final: at 2.03m, he was the biggest player in the tournament. Even John Isner's stupid move to the London area – Anderson's best brand had only one day inventory. Isner is still five centimeters longer with 2.08 meters.

Previously, there were not many big names in the season finals. The average size of eight players is 1.93 meters. This is also a new high. Ten years ago, the first 8, on average, were shorter than six centimeters.

. It's a fact that people grow, ”says Federer coach Severin Lüthi. From this point of view, this development makes sense. And the elders had to adapt their games, they had to become more complete to succeed. It's not enough to just turn it on. "Today everyone serves 210 miles an hour. Even Goffin, known as a service monster, had to find other ways to score."

Pioneer Del Potro

One pioneer was the surprisingly good moving Juan Martin Del Potro for 1.98 meters. US Open in 2009 as in the final Roger Federer At the age of 20, many thought it was the prototype of the modern player. But then the wrist slowed because of injuries. The Argentinean is the biggest Grand Slam champion – Richard Krajicek, Wimbledon winner 1996 (1.93 meters).

Anderson was already in the two Grand Slam finals. He sees him as the most active actor in Hünen with Alexander Zverev. His father opened a large department store in London. ”It's also about a clean technique, certain movement patterns and of course being strong enough.“

Video: Two great players in a duel

Kevin Anderson and John Isner in Wimbledon gave an epic duel (Video: SRF)

The Lüthi requires a lot to take Anderson out of the comfort zone. Hâlâ When you're just in the rally, you realize how great it is. But you have to do a lot for that. Değil Throughout his career, he has learned not only to go side by side, but to continue moving towards the grid in South Africa. have an area to be improved.

SRF expert Heinz Günthardt was active in his active time with an average of 1.80 meters. ”Of course, the size brings some advantages, it's important in terms of service and range,“ says Zurich. "And, above all, in the quick documents, the two most important bumps are the service and return, because you have great access. Someone like Kei Nishikori has to make up for it with its flexibility.

Golden section

However, as Roger Federer has shown, you can perform well with 1.85 meters. "His service, though not more effective than Cilic, is similarly effective. So he has the advantage that he doesn't have a deficit, but is more agile and has a lower center of gravity. There is a golden ratio." meters are not tall – Federer and Rafael Nadal 1.85, Novak Djokovic 1.88.

Grand Slam with 1.75 meters, Günthardt to win is extremely difficult. "Because there are days when you shouldn't play well from the baseline. Then you need service as a support." Both of them did this professionally: Michael Chang (1989) and Gaston Gaudio (2004), both in Paris.

However, Günthardt emphasizes that he is not a fan of general expressions. tennis That. "The beauty of this sport is that it can never succeed in catching it. It's too complicated for that." (

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