Monday , January 25 2021

Granit Xhaka hopes to return to FC Basel one day

Granite Xhaka made a leap in becoming a professional and even national player in FC Basel. Together with the youth club, the 26-year-old continues to make too many connections.

The events and also the hard times are the midfielder of Arsenal FC in London, as he explained in an interview with "Basel Basel". And Granite Xhaka isn't sure if he wants to wear the Bebbi jersey again one day: "My career started here, so it's my goal or my dream to go back someday."

It is clear that this situation will not occur to the playmaker at the age of 28 years. Rather he considers his former teammate Alex Frei as the "best example": "He's turned over 30, he still brought performance and gave the FCB a few titles. Of course the expectations are high when you come again. But clearly a dream "

Xhaka already has plans for the next time of the player's career. So one day he can imagine one day to work as a coach – with his older brother Taulant, who has proven with a greater ability than himself. "It would be a dream for me to be a coach someday. Two. Perhaps with Tauli, even if I'm not sure whether he thinks of himself as a coach," the Premier League legionary said.

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