Thursday , July 29 2021

Fink is calling for falling battle

Insight is the first step to recovery. Even with the locust? The season broke the season record, beginning with a passion for research and the European Cup, recorded one-third of the season. Although they are still convinced on the GC campus due to short distances, perhaps they are higher in the Europa League, but now they do not know the truth anymore. This was done by Thorsten Fink before his guest appearance on the Xamax points before the end of the table.

"If you look at our game last Saturday, you have to admit: we're in a battle of falls, because I can't touch anything," Fink said. The opponent was named YB; the judge may lose good at home against the dominant master. The 0: 3 road poked his German coach but he got furious. From bite and gall, his rival missed the will to be too willing to be wronged – his desired attitude before the game, which is often important in such situations.

A temporary balance – is due to the present situation, but many people do not allow Fink – in the present – to worry about worrying. His demand is clear: "In the following games we have points!" After the winter break, after Xamax Hoppers, still St. Against St. Gallen, Zrich, Lucerne and Thun – enough opportunities to bring the truth closer to utopia. However, first of all, it should come more than the service providers. So far, they couldn't pull the car out of the mud in Fink, just under the GC's 18 games, but there's still a lot of support inside the club.

Nearly searches for unsuccessful behavior

Similar to locks, the situation in FC Sion is self-evident. Wallis has so far given hope on the Yakin influence and remained at eleven eleven points before the guest appearance in FC Zurich. With five points from seven league games, Murat Yakin made the second worst start of all Zion trainers. Recently, YB and St. They lost against St. Gallen. They asked 0: 1 more questions at home against St. Gallen. There was only one shot at the door. Yakin is still looking for a reliable manager. So far, he has used four strikers, but it is best to have Ermir Lenjani, the opposite target, the return.

The best game of the tour in St. Gallen rose. The fourth success of the last two times against Teens on Sunday launches a new start to defeat the 15-game failing streak against Bernese. St. There is no lack of support for St. Gallen: more than 12,000 tickets have been sold by Friday. (SDA)

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