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Fifa boss Gianni Infantino is protecting himself


The Fifa boss feels like an inappropriate review target. He wants to advance with controversial mega projects – decisions will be taken in March.

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Fifa boss Gianni Infantino (Image: Jean Bizimana / Reuters)

Fifa boss Gianni Infantino (Image: Jean Bizimana / Reuters)

Fifa's president, Gianni Infantino, sees himself as the victim of an ongoing slander campaign and has denied even after the latest allegations of Football Leaks, a platform for investigating any wrong decisions. President of the Football World Association Zurich said on Wednesday that "when it comes to Fifa, there are no illegal activities."

He's been trying to discredit him since he started on February 2016. «Cushions, flowers, flights, cars», he outlined the issues addressed by the alleged rule violations during his presidency. Some have made him the target of ethical research. But: "I'm sorry that I haven't found anything illegal," he said, ironically referring to the 48-year-old recent reports.

Various documents create suspicion

Several European media, such as y Der Spiegel ”and An Tages-Anzeiger in, presented a review of thousands of documents last Friday. Among other things, an improper influence of Fifa on the Code of Ethics. He was also Secretary General of Uefa in 2014, but met with Paris Saint-Germain and Manchester City senior clubs and found violations of financial fair violations (FFP). It is said that he sought partly for an optimized agreement at that time without the knowledge of independent control authorities.

On Wednesday, Infantino said these talks were of interest to Uefa. . We didn't want to keep the clubs competitive and exclude them, "he said. This was true for all 30 FFP cases. Interestingly, the FIFA President does not indicate that he has done nothing illegal in this case. Basically, he said, "There's nothing to be ashamed of."

The chairman of the judicial ethics room refers to the new ethical rules that Vassilios Skouris sent to Infantino as a normal process. "I don't see anything strange," Switzerland said. It was illegally criticized, but apparently it should be turned back at the Fifa Council meeting in Miami in March after ordering that the concept of; corruption ver not be ordered as a punishment from ethics regulations. FIFA President, "This proposal will bring to send a clear signal." Said.

The participant space of the World Cup 2022 is still unclear

According to Infantino, several groundbreaking decisions were made in Florida. A possible increase in 48 World Cup participants in the 2022 tournament in Qatar should then be fixed or lowered. He predicts that his preferred extension will be implemented early by 16 teams. This is not surprising because Qatar needed an additional server for an extended World Cup; but the region is being isolated in the region.

Marchino, a council meeting held in March, a new club World Cup and a global League of Nations support for the project is waiting for a decision about the project. The task force, set up in October, will be completed by then – at the helm. The panel was pressured from criticism by the Fifa Council for a deal allegedly supported by the Far East and Gulf sponsors of $ 25 billion.

Infantino, together with a dozen European teams, also discussed the league plans derived from the Football Leaks. He threatened that players with contracts with one of the Super League clubs could be removed from the World Cup and European Championship tournaments.

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