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Few in all respects: FC Aarau acknowledges a major defeat in Wil – Regionalsport (AZ) – Sport

Iz We break the Rüebliländer, W Wiler explained, throwing away the home team's posters with a hearty bite of carrot. It is not known whether a rüeblitorte has stopped after the last whistle in the Wiler coat rack.

Coach Ciriaco Sforza deserves something sweet: this afternoon he completed his mission and rewarded many spectators (2090 in total) for coming to Wiler rates. "Big" is 3: 0 against Aarau and second after the first third of the season – with the third smallest budget in the Challenge League (2.7 million Swiss francs) you can't ask for more from the club.

General weather in FC Aarau, which is quite different: Rank 7, six defeats, second light in the bottom, Chiasso's back and the worst defense in the league with 28 goals.

Even taking into account the weak ones, unlike last season's squad: This is a bad expression for the third most financially strong force in the league. Or the framework in which Captain Elsad Zverotic and his coach Patrick work together: "Very little for our claims."

Very insensitive, very idealistic and defensive disaster

One week after Lausanne against a 1: 3 league, a person can expect a reaction to Wil against a certain loss of logic. A statement in the direction of Wiler à la: "We must be where you are in the rankings, actually".

Encourage enough for players? That's what you think – and after the last whistle of Zverotic:: We players are aware of the situation. If I had a solution to the problems in our minds, I would look for them here and now. "

Zverotic may be right, proves a player who refuses to work, is kidnapped. However, a team that clearly resisted the downtrend was not. If the referee incorrectly rejected the FCA with a score of 0: 1, there is a discussion of "if".

The reasons for the defeat lie elsewhere: apart from the 15-minute period when Wil-Goalie Kostadinovic devotes Rossini and Neumayr's brilliant graduation, body language is a very insensitive, aggressive game. The ideal and assertive defensive behavior of a Challenge League The team is worthless.

It takes us to the mega-construction site of FC Aarau: not in the Torfeld Süd region, where the Aarau voter of the future decides on November 24. But the way the team scored goals: Half an hour later, at 0: 1, Stojilkovic and scorer Brahimi, Aarau Leo, Thaler and Mehidic were captivated. The first scoring opportunity, and as a result, was more painful for Aarau, safe against 0: 1 but optically superior.

And then 0: 2: Mehidik, oh Mehidik! A Bosnian Wiler didn't want to put his pass into anyone's land, so he hit the ball again, didn't notice Duah's heraldintenden, could take the ball and couldn't see it stretching out on the ground in the air after 74 minutes, Silvio (84) made 0: 3 and Aarau striker Misic perfectly summarized the incident as he missed the penalty for being injured in the penalty penalty.

How to escape from mediocrity? Where exactly are you gonna put the arm? Aarau-Trainer Rahmen has no definite answer right after the match: "Work hard, make mistakes and use our scoring opportunities." These are the players' duties. The framework officials will identify the appropriate staff for the away match in Lausanne Louch-Ouchy, which was promoted over the next few days. Im I'm going to watch closely in the training, and I'm willing to pull the car out and pull the car out of dirt. ”It almost feels like a threat to a once-disappointed master in Wil.

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