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"El Chapo" – Mexican drug king is in court in New York


Many star lawyer would like to show that Joaquín Guzman was only a little drug addict.

Nicole Anliker, Rio de Janeiro


Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzman arrived in New York on MacArthur Airport on Long Island in January. (PD / AP)

So far on Monday. The Brooklyn Bridge is closed and traffic in New York paralyzes. because Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzman, a notorious drug star in Mexico, is escorted at a Brooklyn trial at the Lower Manhattan high security guards in the convoy of armored vehicles. Guzman has to respond to money laundering, kidnapping and illegal use of weapons and 200 tons of smuggling of cocaine. They say $ 14 billion. When the prosecution filed her case two years ago, she claimed about 3000 murders. The number has since dropped to 33, which simplifies the procedure. The indictment refers to Guzman as the world's strongest drug dealer and leader of the Sinaloa Cartel, who personally commissioned the deaths of countless people. "El Chapo" pleads innocent.

Be paranoid

Guzman brought a number of astrologers on board. Their strategy shows that "El Chapo" was not the boss of the drug cartel, but played only a minor role. Thanks to the mass of evidence and the short preparation time, a further postponement was requested in the middle of October for the hearing. "No one will be willing to negotiate this case as you please," said the judge in New York on Tuesday. It rejected the request. Twelve jury members decide Guzman's fate. For security reasons, their names and faces remain secret. The prosecution shows sixteen witnesses who testify against Guzman. They are former partners.

Prosecutors' representatives are preparing for the hearing. (Image: Carlo Allegri / Reuters)

Prosecutors' representatives are preparing for the hearing. (Image: Carlo Allegri / Reuters)

Guzman first came out of his solitary solitary confinement in the United States last week by a lawyer. This "El Chapos" is about a small, windowless cell that lasts 23 hours a day. He had never seen the sunlight and could not get fresh air, but lit the cell day and night and always turned on the air conditioner. It is said that Guzman is suffering from continuous sore throat and earache, and hardly sleeps. In January, his lawyers complained of rough prison conditions that would cause paranoia.

There are good reasons to isolate Guzman. Two-year-old 64-year-old Mexican escaped from maximum security jail. The first escape occurred in 2001 when El Chapo was caught in an obstacle. 13 years later the clamps clicked again and broke out of the detention center every 17 months after 17 months. Guzman escaped on a 1.5-kilometer tunnel, which ranged from falling from cell to freedom, giving light and ventilation.

The defenders of the

The defenders of the "Chapo" here, Eduardo Balarezo, want to show that the defendant is only a small number in the drug trade. (Carlo Allegri / Reuters)

Like in the movie

The runaway king is therefore not "El Chapo". But he has enough money to buy everything: luxurious menus – the moanry drug addicts and the Puente Grande gourmet menus in a high security prison – are the legend of luxury prison conditions – freedom. At the time of his second flight, Germany had specially trained engineers who built the underground path of freedom with the bribed prison director. To prevent Guzman from escaping from Mexico to the United States, one year after the third arrests in January 2016, where he is now being tried.

The trace that led to one of the most sought after men of the time was as film-like as the dazzling life of Guzman. Precisely because he wanted to put his life on the screen, he easily admitted that he met Sean Penn's actor. Together, the Mexican actress, Kate del Castillo, who contacted the men, discussed possible film projects, drug trafficking, and Guzman's life.

On October 30, Guzman will go to Brooklyn Court with a large police escort. (Picture: Eduardo Munoz / Reuters)

On October 30, Guzman will go to Brooklyn Court with a large police escort. (Picture: Eduardo Munoz / Reuters)

Following his arrest, the Attorney General said the authorities "El Chapo" were agitated because he and his lawyers came into contact with actors and producers. When American Rolling Stone magazine published a Penn article with El Chapo, it was clear who spoke. It had its own vanity that made it behind the grid.

Still strong

"El Chapo" may be a gangster surrounded by myths and legends such as Al Capone or Pablo Escobar. But undoubtedly, a small, somewhat prominent man from the underworld's poor man moves as a death in the water that he is guilty of full-time work, in a strong business sense, and in good innovation. Guzman grew up in a family in the mountain region of the Sinaloa state. He had his uncle, who had introduced into the underworld the blackout and the orange salesman. In this he entered a daring criminal field.

The Sinaloa cartel, which was founded in the early 1990's, has made it one of the strongest criminal organizations in the world. It has built a transnational business empire with tens of thousands of employees in more than 40 countries. According to the DEA agency, it controls most of the US drug market as well. The main source of income is the smuggling of narcotics. Some are delivered from abroad, others are grown or produced in Mexico. He introduced innovation to Guzma when he first entered the profitable synthetic drug business and adapted his distribution strategy: if smaller aircraft or submarines could not be used, the import of goods into the United States was built into tunnels.


Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzman, after being introduced to the federal security center of Readaptación Social 1 (Cefereso 1), Mexico City, January 2016. (Picture: PD / EPA)

Only a few days ago, authorities discovered a new underground flight. He carries the signature of the Sinaloa cartel. In August, about 50 tonnes of methamphetamine, allegedly owned by the syndicate, were seized in Sinaloa. In February, the Colombian authorities warned that the former Farc fighters' criminal groups receive financial support from the Sinaloa organization. The cartel works just like "El Chapo". Experts return this to their sophisticated organizational structure and adaptability. This highlights the ineffective strategy of the Mexican government to focus on persecuting drug users. As the country announced a war on drug cartels in 2006, more than 200,000 people were killed.

Help the poor

One of his lawyers in the US court last called Guzman as someone without formal education, but smart, intelligent, perhaps even brilliant. Similarly, the first arrest of a psychological report. This emphasized, but in addition, its outstanding strength is instinct and criminal energy. Killing is part of the business for her. He did not have any guilty feelings, he could not forgive him, they said.

After the arrest of Guzman in January 2016, he will be presented to the General Prosecutor in Mexico. (Picture: Henry Romero / Reuters)

After the arrest of Guzman in January 2016, he will be presented to the General Prosecutor in Mexico. (Picture: Henry Romero / Reuters)

In his home region, he can not be regarded as a mass murderer, but Robin Hood, which allows the neglected population to share their wealth. A few days ago, unloading trucks reached areas in Sinaloa caused by heavy rains. Since the goods were supplied with the first three initials of Guzmán, it is believed that the returnee drug dealer is behind the distribution action. This is another reason to celebrate a popular hero. "El Chapo" also liked it because he always could deceive the authorities he hated. Delivery to the neighboring country should end. If condemned, Guzman is facing a life-long imprisonment.

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