Wednesday , October 20 2021

Corona demo in Bern – police prevented “possible storming of the Bundeshaus”



Those who opposed the Corona measures demonstrated in Bern. They tried to break a lock on the Federal House.

  • A demonstration was held in Bern against the corona measures.

  • According to the cantonal police, the protesters threw fireworks in the direction of the Federal Palace.

  • Police used water cannon.

According to the Bern cantonal police, several demonstrators tried to break a cordon at the Federal Palace in Bern. Police reported on Twitter. According to the police, many streets are closed for security reasons and there are traffic barriers.

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This is what the front of the Federal Palace in Bern looks like.

This is what the front of the Federal Palace in Bern looks like.

20min/News Scout

Those who oppose the corona measures gathered for an unauthorized demo.

Those who oppose the corona measures gathered for an unauthorized demo.

20min/News Scout

The place is now closed.

The place is now closed.

20 minutes

The demonstration against the corona measures in Bern was not approved. The police asked the demonstrators to stand back. “We are talking to them and we want them to stop immediately,” the cantonal police said. “Otherwise the funds must be used.”

The police of the canton of Bern carried out the following threat: they used pressurized water and tried to disperse the demonstration. According to police, demonstrators continued to push the barrier and also fireworks in the direction of the Federal Palace.

According to Reto Nause, the police successfully averted “the possible storm in the Federal House.” “Aggressive measures – skeptical – sensitive use in demo,” tweeted the security director of the city of Bern. «Thanks for the transaction!»

“I never expected the state to attack us like this”

A 20-minute reporter in the area reported that the police were still in full gear to protect the Bundestag building. According to the reporter, a number of demonstrators marched through the streets of Bern waving Swiss flags and banners.

“I would never have expected our state to attack us like this,” said one demonstrator. “We stood up for our freedom and were hit with water cannons.” It was only individuals who set off the fireworks. There has never been a danger to the Federal House. “They still shot us with plastic bullets,” the demonstrator said.

Thousands of participants and one injured

According to the initial assessment made by the police, one person was injured during the demonstrations. According to a tweet from the cantonal police, the police used water cannon, tear gas and rubber bullets.

According to “Blick,” the demo had several thousand attendees. They waved banners with slogans such as ‘No to harsh dictatorship’ and ‘No to vaccine terrorism’. There were also chants (“Liberté, liberté”) and calls for “Ueli, Ueli”.

Several demonstrations were held in Switzerland this week and last week against the corona measures of the Federal Council. In Bern, the Hitler salute, swastikas and stars of David could be seen.

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