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Class pays Savary a high price for its proximity to the enemy – Switzerland: Standard


The last action of a great career takes just ten minutes. Instead of being as cheerful as ever, Géraldine Savary looks cold and unreachable. His emotions hides his face hard. But his words do not hide anything: Milan I have no power, i says the Vaud SP Council, at a press conference at the Lausanne Pizzeria Le Milan. Could not be re-elected in 2019. He retired from politics. Already in December, SP will be the Vice President of Switzerland.

The sudden end of the Social Democrat figure in Romandy. A free, intelligent and enchanting Géraldine Savary was a laugh that put everyone in the assembly, in the Darling – in Vaud, the Bundeshaus, and on Youtube three years ago. Politically, the prosecutor is a social democrat who can do anything, even with the SVP authorities. Guy Parmelin of the Federal Council has a particularly good commander.

Levrat's marriage proposal

Anyway, all the powerful people in SP have long known Geraldine Savary better and differently than any other parliamentarian in the Bundeshaus. In the 1980s, Bulle is a high school student at FR and plays in the school theater at the Molières "College School", and until then, on an ordinary Aleksander island, he proposed to an unmarried young man: Christian Levrat, today SP President of Switzerland. In fact, Savar later marries another SP politician: Grégoire Junod, the current head of the city of Lausanne. Pierre-Yves Maillard is the best man, the strong man of SP Vaud, and possibly the future president of the Swiss Confederation of Trade Unions.

Savary's career is as steep as his childhood friends: with 35 deputies, 39 board members – and the potential to leave behind all Levrat, Maillar and Junods. In 2020, Savary became the first SP woman to become the President of the State Council. In a few years, after the resignation of the federal councilman, Alain Berset, he would have had a better chance of becoming the successor to the Swab. According to the SP-internal sex ratio, Berset will again be followed by a Welsh woman. This was the pole's position. But all these dreams now end in a Lausanne pizza eight days before the 50th birthday of Savaristan.

That's too much

The reason for their deep declines is a man: Frederik Paulsen, a Swiss passport, billionaire and entrepreneur from Switzerland with the Russian Honorary Consul in Switzerland. In recent years, Géraldine Savary and other French-Swiss politicians have continuously traveled through Russia via Paulsen. In 2016, Paulsen invited Savary to a music and dance festival in Granada. The summer newspaper was written in this newspaper. And this soon: Frederik Paulsen has controversial tax privileges. Vaud is taxable, even though he is active as an entrepreneur in this country.

Too many for many comrades. They think that the prosecutor's close relationship with Paulsen betrays the party and its values. SP Vaud sees himself as a workers' party, and the flat-rate taxed billionaire is a class enemy. The 77-year-old Yvette Jaggi, the great old lady of SP Vaud, gives her state of mind against Savary. "I'm scared and angry," said former National Assembly Member Marlyse Dormond. The gifts adopted by Paulsen Savary infringed the SP's ethos, describe the newspaper Dormond La Liberté and teach their young colleague: hed Gifts tarafından can never be free. »

The same breath with Maudet

The misfortune of Savary is that the Paulsen connection is publicly available when half of the world's political vowels are filled for similar gifts, transparent tax regulations and over-expenditure expense references. Whenever media reports about the excesses of Pierre Maudet and Pascal Broulis (both FDP) and Guillaume Barrazone (CVP), the name of Savary always falls.

In the past few days their situation has become even sharper. The French-Swiss Radio RTS, Paulsen also reveals that Savary and Luc Recordon (Greens) have financed the Senate election campaign. First of all, in 2011, 4,000 francs and 5,000 francs in 2015. Recordon doesn't have to worry about this revelation, because it's voted in the last election. But Savar comes in a new statement. Goes to television, creates transparency on the radio, but only conditionally.

Unlike other politicians, Savary did not take any personal advantage of it.Christian Levrat, President of SP Switzerland

Because yesterday in Milan, we must admit that Savary must admit, Paulsen gave her another 7000 francs and Recordon 2011 for the second vote. This makes them an underscore of 7500 francs – more than 2500 francs, thus allowing unofficial instructions from SP Vaud. Party leadership then knew nothing.

The prosecutor said that when he first contacted Paulsen, he knew nothing about lump-sum tax. It's different today. "I admit that I have lost my confession." The trips to Siberia, Granada and donations were "for my political family and beyond a mistake." He destroyed his image and his party's. You take responsibility for this. At the same time, he emphasizes that money has never been spent throughout his private life, but is always in the campaign account.

SP's female problem is growing

Among French-Swiss SP politicians, the surrender of Savary triggers partial relief. Even the party colleagues outside of Vaud would feel the ıyla rage of the party base k about Savary's billionaire connection, the SP National Council from another French canton.

The response in SP Switzerland is quite different. Christian Levrat was recently on trial for destroying the Prosecutor: She went for the love of the old theater, and now sat next to the State Council in the Swiss Federal Radio, and went to television. He said the Prosecutor's relationship with Paulsen was never intact. In fact, in 2014, when the referendum on the abolition of flat-rate taxes became popular, he actively fought for it.

Footage – Géraldine Savary's Laughter Attack (2015)

There is debate about a painful claw disease in the sheep in the council, there was no stopping for Vaud Géraldine Savary. Video: Nicolas Fäs (SDA)

What does Levrat say: The Savar for SP is a very bad time return. At present, twelve of the SP councilors are women, but the remaining three have announced their resignation. If Savary was to leave, the self-proclaimed women's party SP risked the next woman without a single woman in the worst-case legislature in Stöckli.

It is unlikely that SP Vaud once again sent a woman to the race once again. There are currently two men at the forefront of nomination: the President of the National Council and SP, Roger Nordmann – and the former best man of Savary, the Council of State and the union boss Pierre-Yves Maillard.

Health shot

Since Savar's intention to resign over the past few days, Levrat tries to disseminate them through his personal conversations. But it doesn't reach Savary anymore. The Lausanne pizzeria, Géraldine Savary, admits that he ate badly, that his health was bad and that he wanted to protect his children. The prosecutor stated that he had been brutally walking and kept his posture at all times and had not been involved in any of the business for 15 years in Bern. The media calls on other parties to look closely.

For the SP, Savary's progress was "a painful loss," says Levrat. With him, the party doesn't just lose a figure head. It has also done a lot for equality, education and transportation policy. The prosecutor's reasons for resignation could not "understand", but would not share. Without naming their names, Levrat compares the case with the chief politicians Broulis, Maudet and Barrazone. Unlike these, Savary did not cost the state a penny or personal benefit from its relationship with Paulsen. The result is shocking, Levrat says, ifa The woman who is legally guilty of committing no crime is resigning.

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