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Chess Championship: Carlsen etc. Caruana – tie-break live

So far, nine games have nine draws. Can someone be successful today? During the tenth round, Fabiano Caruana (left) and champion Magnus Carlsen. (Image: Facundo Arrizabalaga / EPA)

So far, nine games have nine draws. Can someone be successful today? During the tenth round, Fabiano Caruana (left) and champion Magnus Carlsen. (Image: Facundo Arrizabalaga / EPA)


In 12 games, Challenger Fabiano Caruana and the title holder Magnus Carlsen failed to win a game. However, the draw wins clearly 3: 0 against Carlsen Fabiano Caruana

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Recent developments


There's a winner in the World Chess Championship. Magnus Carlsen wins Tie-Break after three fast chess games 3: 0. Follow the article about the game.

Read on here, how the tie works.

Round 12

The twelfth and last normal game is not even winning. Black Magnus Carlsen put his opponent early on and seemed to have all the trumps on his side. Nevertheless, he offered the 31st movement an astonishing draw. Article.

Round 11

The eleventh game again ends without a big fight. Magnus Carlsen can do nothing with the advantage of a suit. Both players now have 5.5 points. On Monday, the twelfth and last regular game will be played. Article.

Round 10

The tenth game between defense champion Magnus Carlsen and the challenger Fabiano Caruana ends in a draw. The game could have both sides. During the game, the first two players noticed weaknesses of concentration. Friday is the first day of rest before continuing with the next round on Saturday. Article.

Round 9

Defense champion Magnus Carlsen began his ninth encounter at the World Chess Championship with a violet that he lost in football. Still, he started the game safely, early in the lead, and before tough games, he presented his rival, Fabiano Caruana. But then he was a little fluttered and forced Caruana to pull again. Article.

Round 8

The match between Magnus Carlsen and Fabiano Caruana is eight consecutive times. After Caruana was broken in the middle of the 20th move, he missed the chance to attack the weakened kings of Carlsen. This brought Carlsen back into play and ultimately led to another traction. Article.

Round 7

After the sixth duel, the seventh round between Carlsen and Caruana remained on the non-dull side and ended as in the draw. Carlsen, a train repetition and therefore the seventh draw took place in the 40th movement. Both players have 3.5 points. Article.

Round 6

Until now, the most exciting match of the competition. As a result, Caruana did not have the power or power to take advantage of the sixth game draw offered by Carlsen in a way he did not know and in the 80 & # 39; Article.

Round 5

The fifth World Cup match is a draw. Again, neither world champion Magnus Carlsen nor his rival Fabiano Caruana are able to take over as a whole. But the game is the best fun. Article.

Round 4

As in the previous three games, many characters were exchanged and after 20 finals they reached the finals. Carlsen offered to pull in a balanced position at the 34th move. The 5th game will take place on Thursday. Article.

Round 3

As in the second round on Sunday, the players were not too risky. When almost all heavy figures are out of play, a balanced light figures game appeared. On Tuesday, the fourth round between Magnus Carlsen and Fabiano Caruana took place. Article.

Round 2

On the second day of the World Chess Championship, the match between Magnus Carlsen and Fabiano Caruana ends in a draw. The game of the second round stood out faster and less than the worlds. Tomorrow is a rest day for two heroes. Article.

1st Round

World champion Magnus Carlsen and the great challenger Fabiano Caruana are eagerly awaited to start the World Chess Championship. Article.

World champion Magnus Carlsen from Norway and his rival Fabiano Caruana from the USA are dueling in the World Chess Championship in London. For the first time, a World Cup match did not end with a single match after a regular season. (Photos: Fredrik Varfjell / Imago, Paul Childs / Reuters)
November 12, Monday, November 12: Reigning world champion Magnus Carlsen and his opponent's Fabio Caruana finish in the twelfth and final regular game without winning. – The tournament usually lasts more than 12 laps. If one participant reaches 6.5 points, the World Cup ends early. (Image: imago)
Saturday, November 11, Saturday, November 24: Sergei Karjakin (standing) made the first move. In 2016, Carlsen won only one break against Russian Sergei Karjakin (fast chess after four matches). – In his last regular game with Weiss, world champion Magnus Carlsen tested his opponent in a popular version of the Russian opening. The game ended in 55 moves without a big fight. (Image: Facundo Arrizabalaga / EPA)
Thursday, November 10 The tenth round between Magnus Carlsen (pictured) and Fabiano Caruana (November 22). Because both players are equally strong and reduce the risk of defeat, they both deliberately play; All ten matches ends in a draw. (Image: Facundo Arrizabalaga / EPA)
Round 9, Wednesday, November 21: In football, Magnus Carlsen experienced a facial blist while playing a chess, meanwhile gained some advantage of himself. But recently Carlsen and his rival Fabiano Caruana draw again. (Image: Facundo Arrizabalaga / EPA)
Monday, November 8, MondayIf Fabiano Caruana had chosen a sharper attack mode in this round, it would be hard to beat his first win. So the game ended at the end of a draw. Picture: The chess players gather at the n The College; in London / Camden, where the World Chess Championship takes place and play the games of the professionals. (Image: Facundo Arrizabalaga / EPA)
7th Round, Sunday, November 18Also, on Sunday in the seventh game, separate the champions Magnus Carlsen and Fabiano Caruana again in a draw. Caruana responded quickly; The world champion clearly has problems showing the best form. (Image: Facundo Arrizabalaga / EPA)
Friday, November 6, November 6: Halftime match between Carlsen and Caruana in London. So far, all games are over draw – even the sixth. (Image: Facundo Arrizabalaga / EPA)
Thursday, November 5th, November 15th: World champion Magnus Carlsen (r.) Was not surprised by the rival, Fabiano Caruana, in the fifth World Cup match. After five rounds between Norway and American 2½: 2½. (Image: Facundo Arrizabalaga / EPA)
Tuesday, December 4, November 13: Neither the owner Magnus Carlsen (left) nor his rival, Fabiano Caruana. The fourth game ends again. (Image: Facundo Arrizabalaga / EPA)
Monday November 3, November 12: His rival, Fabiano Caruana and defending champion Magnus Carlsen of Norway (pictured) also play in the 3rd game of the Chess World Cup in London. (Image: Fredrik Varfjell / Imago)
2, Saturday, 10 November: Magnus Carlsen (left) makes a move against Fabiano Caruana. Challenger Caruana is also fighting for a draw in the second game. World champion Magnus Carlsen chooses a woman's play, but this time it's a perfect preparation for Caruana. After the 49 acted, the contestants agreed with one point. (Image: Fredrik Varfjell / Imago)
Friday, November 1 Norwegian sovereign world champion Magnus Carlsen (left) had a chance to win in the opening match and agreed to participate in only one draw seven hours later (115 moves). Fabiano Caruana started with the double step of the e-pawn – Carlsen reacted riskily to the Sicilian defense. (Picture: Matt Dunham / AP)
The 2018 Chess World Cup will take place in London; This will be done at The College, an auditorium where about 400 people live. The competition was planned for a maximum of twelve games, the prize money is one million dollars. (Picture: Matt Dunham / AP)
Fabiano Caruana (left) and Magnus Carlsen (right) are monitored by a young chess fan. The winner of a game gets a score, the loser remains blank. If a game runs out, each player gets half a score. For the World Cup title, a player needs 6.5 points – if this value is reached, the World Cup ends early. (Image: Facundo Arrizabalaga / EPA)
On November 30th, 28-year-old world champion Magnus Carlsen was a little preoccupied for his great experience. The pair is compared to the legendary rivals Karpov and Kasparov, according to Carlsen-Caruana, NZZ; Carlsen and Caruana are currently considered the most powerful players worldwide. (Picture: Matt Dunham / AP)
The champion of world champion Carlsen is Fabiano Caruana, an American of Italian origin. He turned 26 this summer and is already able to return to an upright career: the 2016 International Champion and the Grand Master in 2017. (Image: Matt Dunham / AP)

Carlsen or Caruana – Who wins the World Chess Championship?

In short, the most important thing

Norwegian World Champion Magnus Carlsen and 26-year-old Fabiano Caruana, 26, will compete for the World Champion title in the World Chess Championship in London from November 9th to 28th. Carlsen may be the world champion for the fourth consecutive year after 2013, 2014 and 2016. Caruana attends a World Cup for the first time. For this reason, while Carlsen is seen as a favorite, Caruana has the ability to defeat the world champion.

Chess World Cup Detailed

Starting position

Fabiano Caruana is the biggest challenge of his career in dueling with Magnus Carlsen. The starting position is more balanced than ever in the 132-year history of the World Chess Championship: The two opponents are not only arguably the best players today, they are the same age and equal.

For the first time, Norway is no longer a net favorite. Over 40 years, the Elo score has reached a negligible level in the world rankings, which has gone a tremendous turn over the years. First of all, the American is one of the few people meeting Carlsen at the eye level. Make a favorite, experts this year hard.


Magnus Carlsen may be the World Chess Champion for the fourth consecutive year. (Image: imago)

Magnus Carlsen may be the World Chess Champion for the fourth consecutive year. (Image: imago)

World champion Magnus Carlsen

  • Age: 27 years
  • Elo points: 2835
  • World Ranking: 1st place
  • Great master: 13 years old, 4 months and 27 days

Magnus Carlsen is the superstar of chess. At the age of 20, the world number was 1 – as young as anyone before her. In May 2014, he reached the Elo rating in 2882, and in July 1999 he outperformed Garry Kasparov (2851 points). Carlsen had an intuitive understanding of the game and was therefore compared with the chess legend Anatoly Karpov.

It stands out not only for its ability, but also for its egocentricity. Carlsen provokes rivals on social networks during play or with gestures and facial expressions. Norwegian once modeled the G-Star jeans label and drew a yellow copy of a "Simpsons" section, as well as second passion for chess as well as football.

Carlsen says before the duels: "This time it's a real duel. Being a world champion has become part of my identity, and that's a lot more than that. I don't care more than being a world champion. But I don't want to be someone else. . »

Fabiano Caruana. (Image: imago)

Fabiano Caruana. (Image: imago)

Fabiano Caruana, the challenge

  • Age: 26 years
  • Elo rating: 2832
  • World Ranking: 2nd place
  • Grandmaster years old: 14 years old, 11 months and 20 days

Fabiano Caruana was born in the Italians in Miami and grew up in Brooklyn. He began to play chess at school when he was 5 – not entirely volunteer: the teachers and parents sent him to chess training because they hoped to teach him such a thing. Soon Caruana played chess every free minute. At the age of 10, he first defeated a great master. To support her gifted son, parents moved from Europe with Caruana to Europe. Caruana threw the school after the 7th grade and only played chess thereafter. Ten days before his 15th birthday, he became the Grand Master.

In March of this year, he had his greatest achievement yet: he won the nomination tournament in Berlin and won the World Cup duel against Carlsen.

Caruana was constantly compared with Bobby Fischer, both of whom grew up in Brooklyn and succeeded at a young age. Once upon a time, fisherman Caruana, with a great appetite for chess, is maintaining a universal game style. And he's an incredible talent for concentrating on him. Unlike Fischer, however, Caruana lacks any eccentricity. He is considered a nice boy next door, and unlike Carlsen, he provokes rivals.

Caruana says before the duel: "It's similar to boxing or mixed martial arts. It's a dueling coup that we're both going to try to gain the upper hand and try to impose our will on the other side."

World Chess Championship ends this way


The Chess World Championship in London continues to play a maximum of 12 regular games. The winner of each game gets a point, the losers remain blank. If a game runs out, each player gets half a score. To win the title of the world, a player must score 6.5 points. If this value is reached, the World Cup ends early.

Thinking time is 100 minutes in the first 40 moves, 50 minutes in the next 20 moves and 15 minutes in the rest of the game. Each train has a time loan of 30 seconds. The draw offers are only allowed after the 30th move of Schwarz.

If you become a tie after 12 rounds, you decide on a tie breaker in the World Cup victory. Includes tie, 4 fast chess games and up to 4 flash games. If no decision has been made, Armageddon follows the game. In this format, the player with the white stones must win, but it is difficult to think more than the player with black pieces, and this draws a draw for victory.


8 November Thursday: Opening Ceremony

Saturday November 10: From 4:00 to 2

Sunday, November 11

Monday, November 12: From 16:00 onwards

Tuesday, November 13: From 16:00 onwards

Wednesday 14 November: search

Thursday, November 15th: From 16:00 to 5 PM

Friday, 16 November: 6 in 6 hours

Saturday, November 17

Sunday, November 18: From 16:00 to 7

Monday, November 19: From 16:00 onwards

Tuesday, November 20: search

Wednesday, November 21st: From 16:00 onwards

Thursday, November 22: From 14:00 to 10

Friday, November 23

Saturday, November 24th at 16: 00

November 25 Sunday

Monday, November 26: 16:00 to 12

Tuesday, November 27: search

Wednesday 28 November: Tie-Breaks

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