Friday , March 5 2021

"Chalk tooth" crushing – doctors warned against strange disease


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The spread of a new dental disease in Germany continues to increase. In the portal "" report, dentists are still unable to determine the exact cause of the "chalk teeth".

According to the report, more and more dentists are warning the so-called "chalk teeth" in children. The teeth become increasingly white, white-yellowish yellow to brown and extremely sensitive to heat, cold or chemical stimuli.

The tooth surface is also rough and flattened. In addition, "chalk teeth" for tooth decay are much more sensitive.

The German Dental, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Society's portal explained the reason, the mine mineral disorder lies in a disorder. This can be induced by problems such as pregnancy, infectious diseases, antibiotics, chickenpox, dioxin and upper respiratory tract disorders.

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However, the exact reason continues to be uneasy, the summer of medical associations.

According to Norbert Krämer, chairman of the German Pediatric Dentistry Association, about ten to 15 percent of children suffer from this disease. Even the recent work could go up to 30 percent from the age of twelve.

Chalk teeth should be called a new common disease, Krämer.

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In the jar, the so-called molar discontinuous hypomineralization (MIH) disease was first described in 1987. At present, the spread of the disease continues to increase. Thus, in the first eight months of pregnancy, the first tooth damage was recorded even in unborn babies.

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