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"Chalk teeth": Dentists warn about the disease in which the teeth will simply break.

"Chalk teeth" can be recognized by color changes and surface breaking. Children in this situation should go to the dentist regularly.

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According to medical experts, a disease that can cause major tooth damage is now widely used. Here the teeth are slowly collapsing.

Berlin – Dentists warn children against the so-called chalk teeth. In this disease, molars are also sensitive to anterior teeth, heat, cold, or chemical stimulus.

"Chalk teeth": rough tooth surface, tooth decay, pain

Dental specialists reported that the teeth had a rough surface and the teeth that were supporting tooth decay were thrown. They were suffering when they were drinking, eating, and brushing their teeth. German enamel, mouth and dental jaw surgery Association explained, enamel caused mineralization disorders. Quick visit to important dentist,

According to the President German Pediatric Dentistry AssociationNorbert Krämer has an average age of 10 to 15 percent of the children of chalk teeth. A new study has been identified in 30 percent of children with twelve chalk teeth. Krämer, therefore, should be called a new common disease of the chalk teeth, he said. Disease, molar-cut hypomineralization (MIH) was first described in 1987.

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The first dental injury was done according to the medical associations. already registered with unborn child in the eighth month of pregnancyCurrently, several reasons are discussed. For example, there may be problems in pregnancy, infectious diseases, antibiotics, chickenpox, dioxin and upper respiratory tract disorders. In animal experiments, a relation was found between plasticizing bisphenol-A and chalk teeth. The exact reason is considered unexplained, write associations.

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individual tooth strokes yellow-brown surface white-yellowish Find the entire surface of the tooth or on it. The teeth are partially broken. Stefan Zimmer, the President of the German Dental Association, said he could help with regular dental visits, fluoride-containing toothpaste at home, Flouridlack treatments at the doctor, and maintenance of broken teeth.

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