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Brazilian champion Lewis Hamilton: Engine damage threatened / Formula 1 SPEEDWEEK

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between 12.11.2018 13:16

Champion Lewis Hamilton trembles for victory at the José Carlos Pace in Autódromo, following the race to Mercedes Motorsport Director Toto Wolff. The drives prepared Silver Kopfzerbrechen.

In the Brazilian GP, ​​with Lewis Hamilton, this pilot first crossed the finish line, starting from the pole position. The champion did not have a quiet race at the start of the field. In fact, the Silver Arrow driver, Leader Max Verstappen, and the backbencher, Esteban Ocon, made a profitable crash.

After the collapse of Verstappens, Hamilton took about five seconds relatively fast in the Netherlands, which was traveling with a badly damaged lower body. Nevertheless, the 21-year-old was ambitious, unable to lead, and finally approached leadership.

However, the overwhelming Red Bull Racing star wasn't the only concern that bothered Hamilton in the final race rounds. The drive behind the silver arrow also caused problems as confirmed by Mercedes Motorsport Director Toto Wolff after the race. . We had a terrible race with a very positive result: Lewis won, and we got the title at the Team World Championship, but in the middle of the race, we told him that Lewis's car was threatened by engine damage.

Uyla But the guys in the back, the engine experts of our team, got a grip on it – you have no idea how they did it to the end of the car, adam Viennese enthusiastically said. And he said, "We were told the exhaust was about to refuse service, because we had exceeded the temperature limit. Then I asked what the solution was, and in the end, they started to downsize the success. That was a terrible situation."

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