Saturday , May 8 2021

Balance after four days: Rega moved more than 150 times on Easter

The Rega operations center coordinated more than 150 tasks between Good Friday and Easter Monday. With around 60 missions in Switzerland, sunny Easter Sunday was the busiest day for Rega’s helicopter crews. This was probably due to the holidays and the good weather. About half of the missions took place in the mountains. Rega had installed additional rescue helicopters at Graubünden and the Bernese Oberland for this purpose.

Climber fell 200 meters

A man was seriously injured in the canton of Bern. She was with another person in “Chlyn Wendenstock” when she fell 200 meters deep on Sunday morning. Rega’s rescue operation was difficult due to the impassable terrain. He had to seek support from SAC. Rescuers had to drop a helicopter. The seriously injured man was later taken to a nearby hospital. His friend also had to be blown away by a steep rock.

A paraglider pilot fell to the ground after a strong wind

The good weather also brought out many athletes. A paraglider pilot in Gossau (ZH) had an accident while trying to take off. The man caught a gust of wind on take-off and fell five meters. He was later taken to the hospital by Rega with severe injuries.

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