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Artifact – the hope of the clock TCG

Trading card game Artifact will be released on November 28th. The strategy card game of the Valve House, developed in collaboration with the legendary game designer Richard Garfield (Magic – The Gathering), may be the next major eSports title.

When Publisher Valve announces a new game, all eyes are eagerly focused. Valve is able to create a huge fan base like Dota2 and Counter-Strike and offers a lot more fun with these titles. The work based on the MOBA title Dota2 must now be included in this proposal.

A Swiss organization was already represented

Already a few months ago, speculation was made and imagined how the virtual card game could pass. Beta keys were traded in part online for € 200. Euro, and they were in the roaming, and eSport has already plunged. Among them, there is also the epic of the Swiss organization, one of the international organizations to announce a staff in the international arena. Epikk's two Hearthstone athletes, Bragi and Gibbin, had more than 700 hours of playing time before the closed beta.

Unlike Hearthstone

The game is different in many ways from the popular Hearthstone. The first thing you notice is that the virtual table actually resembles MOBA Dota2. Not only the characters and lore but also the three-lane map were also taken. For the Top, Middle and Off-Lane, there are 3 towers, and finally a table for destroying the Ancient.

Unlike Blizzard's card game, the epick CEO, Remo Bügler, is much more dynamic. It would be a chance to react before the opponent runs out of moves. In addition, players do not have to wait enough mana to play the game at the beginning of the game.

In particular, we like the fact that Artifact has been developed in a community-oriented manner. For example, Aritfact, a place where Hearthstone is directed towards ten ordinary players stone, stands out in a completely different class of competition due to mainly minimized randomness.

Great eSport potential

Remo Bügler sees a lot of potential as the new eSports title in Artifact. Only a lot of internationally recognized eSports athletes try and enjoy the game. There are many eSport experiences in the valve. Of course, Artifact's local success depends not only on eSports, but also on tournament and league organizers. There is already something in the international arena: in the first quarter of 2019, for example, a big tournament will be held in the prize pool of 1 million.

If you feel fit enough for the first challenge, you can join the tournament organized by the epick on November 30th. More information can be found here.


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