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And now? What is the meaning of the national league's national league? National team


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The enemy of the German national team is very excellent. Is this a drama? And how's it going now? The most important questions and answers.

Leroy Sané in Germany after 0: 0 in France

Germany has already landed at the premiere of the League of Nations. Is this bad?

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Has Germany left the League of Nations?

No from You can't leave the League of Nations. Germany in this new UEFA competition League b dropped from league to league BThere are also C and D leagues. Each league consists of four groups.

What does descent mean?

In the next edition of the League of Nations, Germany will no longer be one of the 16 European countries and will have less prestigious competitors than France and the Netherlands. And: Germany won't win the next League of Nations – always play four group wins from the A league for the title.

When will the League of Nations continue?

The League of Nations will resume after the EM 2020 and will take place between September and November 2020. The finals that Germany will not reach as a League B participant will rise in June 2021.

What are the German competitors in League B?

The draw for the next League of Nations was not yet planned for UEFA. Like Germany, so far Poland and Iceland B reduced to league, Finland is already known as a climber from the C league. In addition, Austria and Wales already "celebrated" league B in the league. The remaining six teams will be determined by the B team, including the UK – until Tuesday evening. or Croatia.

Did German origin win?

But. DFB-Elf scored only one point in three games (0-0 in France) and scored only one goal. All 55 League League participants have only the irresponsibility of San Marino.

Do you have anything against the Dutch on Monday?

Yeah, and it's not just a conciliatory conclusion. miserable year 2018: Germany still competing in the last Nations League group match European Championship qualificationIn addition to winning four league-A groups, the first six countries will lead a qualifying group. Germany currently ranks eleventh among twelve league-A teams, thus struggling to avoid the heavyweight in the draw for the European Championship qualifier (December 2, 12:00, LIVE !,

Is DFB free to play the League of Nations champion?

No. If four groups from team A play the semifinals, the third in the match and the Nations League final on June 6 and 9, 2019, this will take place in the FIFA calendar (June 3-11) during a regular international match week. Just after the Champions League final (June 1). For each nation there are two international planned – two friendly matches for Germany.

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"One for the Bavarian" – Hopeful Havertz was convinced

The game played against Russia convinced Kai Havertz from a very general point of view and passed into the depths. For this reason, not only Joachim Loew trusts him in the future in iler key role m in the DFB-Elf, but also in Joshua Kimmich, convinced by 19-year-olds.

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