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A President – Without CEO


Raiffeisen, Delegate's Extraordinary Assembly

Raiffeisen, Delegate's Extraordinary Assembly

As expected, Guy Lachappelle, Raiffeisen is the new president of Switzerland. He starts off without a proper CEO. Patriarch Gisel is no longer disappointed in the cooperative bank.

There was no opposition Laughing Man (Picture below) Raiffeisen as the Chairman of the Board of Directors. Raiffeisen, on Saturday, at the extraordinary meeting in Brugg, received 163 delegates from Raiffeisen's banks, Basler Kantonalbank & # 39; the former CEO said that they have chosen the presentation with an overwhelming majority.

Laughing Man

Delegates also hold names nominated for the Board of Directors of Raiffeisen. Karin Valenzano Rossi. Andrej Golob. Thomas A. Müller and Beat Schwab Selected. Raiffeisen said this would give the delegates an open vote for renewal.

Someone didn't come

Since the media is not allowed to vote, it is possible to say whether this meeting, which is so important for Raiffeisen, has caused too much discrepancy. One who provoked these misdemeanors could not be seen on Saturday: Patriarch Gisel He resigned from his office Friday night as CEO. Actually, he'd want to stay until the end of the year.

But his secret love Laurence de la Serna; This summer he resigned as a board member of Raiffeisen, and finally a very good thing happened. Pascal GantenbeinJournalists who left the temporary presidency to Lachappelle now said that they are disappointed with Gisel's behavior.

Management discharges

Lachappelle presently heads a house without a real boss. Because the CEO Michael AuerHe will leave Raiffeisen as a new Chairman of the Board, who will now step into Gisel.

The newly elected president said: "I will assume my leadership role with all stability and I will do everything I can to lead the Raiffeisen Group to a successful future." The 57-year-old will give the final word when it comes to appointing the new operation boss, apparently, the area of ​​prospective candidates is already limited.

Build a new team

As far as the staff is concerned, this is the cleanliness of the legacy of the former CEO's water period. Pierin Vincenz Until now, the Chairman and the Board of Directors have been determined, Gisel has discharged his prejudiced past, and his deputy, who has worked under Vincenz for seven years, will do so. Lachappelle should create a new operational leadership team.

The delegates' meeting was held in a completely new spirit. Raiffeisen suffered not only from illegal acts of Vincenz, but also from a significant reputation damage. The Finom's Executive Report was consistently shaken by the Cooperative Bank, as the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee showed great failure with regard to corporate governance and the supervision and supervision of Vincenz.

Reform, modernization

The Raiffeisen Group now wants to reform and modernize it. On the one hand, Raiffeisen will be increasingly involved in handing over the operational strength of Switzerland to banks and associations.

Also, Raiffeisen is likely to be a stock company in Switzerland. An agenda item at the Delegates' Meeting was the remuneration system of the Board of Directors. The revision now provides lump sum amounts instead of participation fees and expenditures. This results in a salary of approximately 25 percent for board members – and the laughter appeal must earn about 750,000 francs for 100 percent workload.

If it was a bit new Bruno GehrigThe boss of the internal internal investigation is to report to the delegates. Its previous findings will confirm the evaluation of the Finish. Gehrig has announced details that are not publicly available. This was that the Zurich prosecutor had asked him to prosecute Vincenz.

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