Sunday , March 7 2021

20 minutes – "Ladies, thanks for your ass"

Clive (26) did not know where his head was, in the sixth chapter of the Bachelor. It was a good thing Bachelorette Adela (25) arrived and actively supported her – and for several weeks she knows what she's talking about, thanks to her relationship with Cem.


What is your decision in the sixth chapter of Der Bachelor?

Here's how it works: Install the latest version of the 20-minute application. On the home screen, tap on the three lanes, then tap the gear. Under "Themes" you move the bolt to the right in "Contacts" – it's already running.

Meanwhile, the 20-minute People team is on their way to Instagram.

But everything did not help, there were fewer roses in the bouquet. Ana (25) and Carolin (26) had to collect seven things for all people who were dragged into the realm of dreams, or who actually had more important things to look at as (The Bachelor Hay. For Maria (28) and Fabienne (25), Clive had only one black rose in the bouquet – a final chance for both in the next section.

It's a really important part of the sixth part of the "The Bachelor" you see in the video above.

"The Bachelor" works on Monday evening, 3 days 20.15.


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