Tuesday , December 1 2020

20 minutes – «If the market is not the branch is not profitable»

"It's a mess!" On Facebook, Riehener Volksseele cooks because of the closure of the Coop branch in Lörracherstrasse. But the resistance was also also organized offline: SVP Resident's Council Christian Heim has already sent an attack on the parliamentary parliament, PrimeNews and Quartiververein Riehen Nord became active in the issue. As company spokesman Markus Eugster said on request, the negotiations between Coop and the community had already taken place. Only: all efforts are free.


How often do you go shopping on Sunday?

31 December will be published in Riehen Nord. For economic reasons, shutdown. On the one hand, this is a new construction project on the site and restrictive licensing practice for market sales in Basel-Stadt. A retailer can only receive store openings for sales points in railway stations and in accordance with the law on the days of rest.

No payment without market place

As a result of the transformation, Coop loses its sales license on Lörracherstrasse on Sunday. "We checked this with the office for the economy and business, market sales couldn't be more appropriate," Eugster said. This leaves the retailer in place with the highest turnover during the day. They tested a sales outlet in the new building – but without the market, the location cannot work economically. The most busy day of the week, the residents of Germany, according to the residents reported that Switzerland will come to Switzerland.

Coop is only a tenant in Lörracherstrasse. The new building is the property of Fiducasa, the real estate company of Liechtenstein. Iyor It's a shame, you never close a shop, ”Eugster says, understanding the discontent in the neighborhood.

In the village or Hieber equals

About 3000 people, shopping for Riehen North will be more complicated now than next year. Tom Haag, a 26-year-old father, says, "Then we must shop for Riehen Dorf." The retailer's slightly larger arm is two kilometers away. Or you can go beyond the border. "Hieber, we have arrived," wrote SVP Housing Council Christian Heim to Facebook.


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