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20 minutes – «Free» Mini Parrot in exposed plastic bag

At first C.G. * Didn't think much when he heard loud birdsong on the playground in Unterseen. "However, when I realized that Gepiepse came from a plastic bag on the counter, I immediately ran into the bag," Oberlander said. What he saw there angered him: "There was a lonely, colorful little bird in a very small cage." There was a "free" note attached between the wires.


Have you ever found an abandoned animal?

Other people later realized that the bird – probably an Agapornide genus – was a dwarf parrot ("budgies"), including an elderly couple working nearby in the garden. G. “They knew a veterinarian and immediately wanted the bird to be examined there, G. G. added. . »

How did it go?

It happened a few days ago, but the bird no longer comes out of G's head. “He grew tremendously for me and I'm sorry I didn't have contact with the couple. Istiy He wants to know how the bird goes and how he lives.

(No) ad against owner

Everything is not yet complete for them: "I posted a photo of the bird on Facebook. This triggered many reactions. The article was shared 500 times and commented several times. Now I want to find its owner." "In addition, Unbekannt asked me to file a complaint against him:" The police advised me and said the ad had little chance of success. »

Helen Sandmeier, spokeswoman for Swiss Animal Welfare, does not admit: se If an animal is abandoned, it is appropriate. In fact, the chances of finding the holder are quite small. "It doesn't matter. It's a matter of principle," he says.

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