Tuesday , October 4 2022

Warning: Therefore, Christmas will be extra animals this year – News in Ystad – 24 hours


It is now less than two months for Christmas and it may be good to save extra money compared to last year.

Christmas is expected this year so As your money first reported, to be more expensive than usual.

It is the combination of the price increases after a weak crown that will affect the extreme dryness of summer and even in winter. Although it is more expensive to import from abroad, Swedish cereals are more expensive. Food prices rose three percent, while Sweden's fees rose only by 2.5 percent.

– Last year, the price of many different goods increased sharply. Food prices have risen by an average of three percent, and the Swedes say compensation for unpaid wages has increased Maria Landeborneconomy savings Danske Bank Newspaper.

Daffects a weak crown Money doesn't just mean – money also means we get less for money when we get Christmas gifts from abroad. Swedish Christmas gifts are becoming even more expensive.

– Goods in Sweden will be more expensive. You can compare prices and consider what you want to pay, iniz says Maria Landeborn, Dina Pengar.

At the same time, both the price of electricity and the price of gasoline increased by 13 and 15 percent over a year; this could result in extra money in the wallet of owners and car owners.

Last but not least unexpected Riksbank This winter to raise the rate of repo. In December or February. Maria Landeborn estimates December 20, which means that the Swedish mortgage rates will rise immediately after Christmas.

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