Thursday , December 3 2020

Turn-up GRANT releases Totes Strength's "Changed My Mind"


& # 39; I changed my mind & # 39; I said because it's a beautiful melody, as well as a brutal article with double-sided messages that I think is fun to play. Text, the song was a way to make myself a very natural way.

The Toves version is playful and I focus more on despair. I think we both paid attention to the irony in the text. I made the song a melody and I built it as a foundation for production from the beginning with rhythmic strings and it was easy to get from there. It was so much fun to play and it took a day to prepare.

GRANT Blooms in 2018 and exhibited performances at major festivals such as Way Out West and unrivaled talents such as Grammisgalan, SVT Allsång på Skansen and TV4 News Morning.. This summer, the famous debut album released Bloom & # 39; t received a great response from critics and fans.

In the fall, GRANT appeared in the first round and recently became official. Tove Power takes with him GRANT as support on her Scandinavia tour (see below).

Turns a cover on the Tove Stryrkes in connection with the premier GRANT of the tour "I Changed My Mind" A song from Tove's last album "Sway".

"My Mind Changed" was released today with Sony Music on November 23rd.

The video of the song was filmed in Margate, southeastern England and made by Zoë Que & Heydon Prowse. See you here:

I went to London to meet a friend at the same weekend and check out Tove's concert. I felt it was a fun idea to make a video for Covern, we went to the coast town of Margate that same weekend and we were filmed! Incredibly stupid!

23 Kas – Karlstad SE – Pleasure Factory
24 Nov – Norrköping SE – Arbis Bar & Salonger
25 Nov – Uppsala SE – Uppsala Concert and Congress
30 Nov – Lund SE – Dairy
1 December – Linköping SE – Concert and Congress
5 December – Oslo NO – Park Theater
6 December – Gothenburg SE – Pustervik
7 December – Umeå SE – Texture
December 8 – Luleå SE – Kulturens Hus
December 13 – Copenhagen DK – Vega
14 December – Malmo SE – KB
15 Dec – Stockholm SE by Berns

In the fall of 2017, Sweden received GRANT's first powerful and self-proclaimed debut. "Waterline "GRANT's real name, 23-year-old Caroline Cederlöf, was rewritten as ü The Best Pop, İyi ü Best Now, 39 and adı One of the Most Beautiful Deathists of the Spring GR.Bad "," Shimmer " and "Rye Catcher "and reviews first albumBloom & # 39; t.

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